New Year News

Happy New Year 2024 from the Bome team!
Here are some fresh news for you.

Better MIDI Translation

Recently, we’ve published build 1060 of Bome MIDI Translator Pro 1.9.1:

  • Native Apple Silicon support on macOS
  • Visual improvements in editors and event monitor
  • stability fixes
  • see full version history

Download Trial version
Download Full version (in the Bome Account)

Video Tutorials for Perform

For the new Perform feature in Bome MIDI Translator, we’ve published three new video tutorials:

All Video Tutorials

Bome at the NAMM Show 2024

If you’re attending the NAMM Show 2024, be sure to check by the Bome booth:

Booth #10300 in the MIDI Zone (Entrance of Hall A)

And we’re offering a few free tickets for the NAMM show!
Just let us know your full name and email address, and if you need an in-person ticket or a ticket for the online NAMM Show+:
Get a free NAMM ticket (first come, first serve)

Have a great year 2024!
Florian and the Bome team

Bome Black Friday

Get all our software with a 30% discount:
MIDI Translator Pro
Bome Network Pro
Unlimited Named MIDI Ports
…and more

Enter the coupon code BOME_BLACK30 in the shopping cart to receive the Bome Black Friday discount.

Offer is valid in the Bome web shop and in most other online stores.

Florian and the Bome team

Bome Black Deals

For the first time ever, Bome is having a Black Friday promotion πŸ™‚

This Friday until Monday, we’ll have an amazing deal for all of our software. Stay tuned for our newsletter on Friday!

Today, we have two special BomeBox deals — only available via this newsletter.

1) BomeBox B-Stock

We exclusively offer a few BomeBox B-stock units that we’ve used at a trade show for display:
Only €179.00 instead of €225.00.
They have small scratches and signs of use, but are fully functional and come with full warranty.
BomeBox B-Stock

2) The BomeBox Rack x2

This is a custom built 1U rack, containing two individual BomeBoxes. All buttons and LED’s are on the front (except network activity LEDs). All connectors — 2x USB host, 2x MIDI IN/OUT, 2×2 Ethernet, power — can be found at the back. It also features two times WiFi. The rack is powered via a single power supply (external). We only have two of these exclusive racks available.
BomeBox Rack x2

First come, first serve!
Florian and the Bome team

Bome Update Day

today, we are happy to present some long-awaited updates!
The main focus is stability, robustness, and compatibility.

Bome MIDI Translator Pro 1.9.1
New Perform action, ELSE rule, zoomable user interface, improved logging, and many small bug fixes [full version history]
(licensed users: download your update in your account)

Bome Network 1.6.0
Linux and Raspberry Pi support, new integrated log area, improved user interface, fix specific connection problems, bug fixes [full version history]

BomeBox firmware 1.5.4
Improved Allen&Heath mixer support, improved logging, fixed connection issues, bug fixes [full version history]

Please tell us what you think in our forum.

Let your MIDI flow!
Florian and the Bome Team

At the NAMM Show 2023

Hi there!

Once again, the NAMM Show is opening its doors in Anaheim, California, April 13-15, 2023. If you’re attending in person, please say hello at the Bome booth #10501 to check out our product line and see what’s new!

If you cannot come down to Anaheim, you can also attend virtually via The NAMM Show+. Please ask us if you need an invitation for the virtual NAMM+ event.

Also, if you’re interested in the current state of MIDI 2.0, there will be an A3E MIDI 2.0 session with Bome Founder Florian Bomers on the panel:
MIDI 2.0 : What Developers Need to Know About Free Tools for Developing MIDI 2.0 Products and Apps

Software updates coming soon! We will release new versions of our software and BomeBox firmware soon. Stay tuned!

All the best,
Florian and the Bome team

New BomeBox Firmware v1.5.2 with MIDI-CI

Happy Summer! And happy winter to folks in the Southern hemnisphere!
We’ve just released version 1.5.2 of the BomeBox firmware. It features initial MIDI 2.0 support: MIDI-CI Discovery and MIDI-CI Property Exchange. See the updated user’s manual for more information.

Please find the firmware download and upgrade instructions here:

What’s New?

  • feature: MIDI 2.0: MIDI-CI Responder and MIDI-CI Proxy for Discovery and Property Exchange.
  • feature: Reset to Factory Defaults now possible via USB drive
  • improvement: after uploading a project file, open it (unless another project is loaded)
  • improvement: WiFi LED does not blink longer than needed
  • bugfix: fix rare problems when re-establishing MIDI network pairing
  • bugfix: upload project files with # in name
  • bugfix: MIDI 2.0 device selector is sometimes empty

Florian and the Bome Team

News May 2022: NAMM Show and MIDI Innovation Awards

Hi there!

Bome at the NAMM Show

After 2 years, the NAMM Show will be back in Anaheim, California, June 3-5, 2022.
If you’re attending in person, please say hello at the Bome booth #10501!
We have a few badges available for free, just drop us a line if you’re interested. First come, first serve! (until May 18)
And you don’t need to travel there: you can also attend virtually via The NAMM Show+. You will still need a NAMM badge to access the virtual event.

Bome at the MIDI Innovation Awards

This year, a lot of new or updated products compete in five categories. Public voting has already started — you can vote, too! But hurry, voting ends May 14th.
In the category Software Prototypes/Non-Commercial, you’ll find a new Bome MIDI 2.0 developer tool. Feel free to vote for it! We’ll release it to the public later this year.

That’s it for now! Take care,
Florian and the Bome team

Bome Network now available on iPhone and iPad

Bome Network on iPhone and iPad


Our popular MIDI networking and routing tool is now available in the Apple App Store!

Wireless MIDI workflow without a Computer

Connect your iPad or iPhone to the BomeBox’ built-in WiFi: now all MIDI gear plugged into the BomeBox can be used with and from your mobile device.
Or access the BomeBox(es) via an existing WiFi hub using WiFi or Ethernet.

Simplicity with Security

From the ground up, we’ve designed Bome Network to be very simple to use. BomeBoxes and devices running Bome Network are auto-discovered and listed on the main screen in Bome Network. To create a MIDI pairing, simply click on Connect (simple!), then confirm the pairing on the other device (secure!).

Background Mode

Enable Background Mode in the app, and now you can freely switch to other MIDI apps on your iPhone/iPad and use all your virtual MIDI ports set up in Bome Network.
Note: Background Mode uses more battery, so it’s recommended to turn off background mode when you’re done using network MIDI.

Screenshot Remote Direct MIDI


With Bome Network, you only need to set up pairings once and then they will stay! Re-establishing your stage setup is as simple as powering up all involved devices and you’re done.
Note: on iPhone and iPad, you need to manually start the Bome network app after a restart, because there is no auto-start functionality…

Remote Direct MIDI

Use any USB-MIDI and MIDI-DIN devices connected to the BomeBox on your mobile device. Each selected device appears as an own virtual MIDI IN/MIDI OUT pair which you can use in any MIDI-enabled iOS app.

Powerful Add-Ons

The iOS/iPadOS app has the same additional features as the desktop application for MacOS and Windows. The Bome Network Pro add-on (for purchase) allows for direct MIDI connections to other iPhones/iPads/computers running Bome Network. And the Unlimited Named MIDI Ports add-on lets you create additional virtual MIDI ports on the mobile device for use in the integrated MIDI router.

Download on the AppStore

That’s all for today. Stay safe and healthy!
Florian and the Bome crew

Triple Update: Bome MIDI Translator Pro, Bome Network, and BomeBox firmware

Hey everyone,
to celebrate the last day of May is MIDI Month, we’re doing a triple update! Oh, and regarding May is MIDI Month: this year’s fund raiser for the Children’s Music Fund raised more than $30,000! We are very very happy to have been a part of this as silver sponsor.

Bome MIDI Translator Pro 1.9

This new version allows for even more dynamic control on desktop (Windows and macOS) and in the BomeBox:

  • new Application Focus action: dynamic processing depending which other application is currently active
  • new MIDI Router action: modify MIDI routing on the fly
  • new MIDI Port action: dynamic processing depending on plugging in or unplugging MIDI devices
  • improved integration with the YouTube video tutorials
  • enhanced keystroke emulation options
  • more global variables (now 710 in total)
  • and much more…

Full Version History

This update is free for owners​ of a Bome MIDI Translator Pro license. Please download the new version in your account:
Bome Account
(if you don’t have an account, just create one)

A free trial version and more information is available here:
Download Trial

Bome Network 1.4

Organize all your network MIDI devices! The all new user interface for Bome Network gives you much better control over your Bome MIDI network, including BomeBoxes and other computers. Plus these new features:

  • Feature: Remote Direct MIDI ports
  • Feature: MIDI Router
  • Feature: Unlimited Named MIDI Ports as an Add-On (for purchase)
  • Enhancement: Dark Mode support
  • Enhancement: configurable prefix/suffix for virtual port names
  • Enhancement: integrate Connect to IP into main host list
  • Native Apple Silicon support on M1 Macs
  • macOS 10.7-10.9 supported with legacy version

Download Bome Network

BomeBox Firmware 1.5

This is a free download for BomeBox owners and adds a number of new features:

  • new MIDI processing capabilities (see MIDI Translator Pro update above)
  • remote access to each MIDI device connected to the BomeBox (see Bome Network update above)
  • connect up to 32 USB devices using USB hubs (previous limit was 8)
  • many smaller improvements and fixes

Update BomeBox Firmware

Bome Forum

We love to hear from you! If you have any questions or suggestions, please post in our modern forum:

Happy MIDI translations!

Florian and the Bome team

PS: still more updates to come soon!

May is MIDI Month 2021 – Fundraiser for the Children’s Music Fund

Hey there,
it’s May, and May is MIDI Month! We at Bome are a proud silver sponsor of this year’s MIDI Association fundraiser. Other sponsors include, among others: IK Multimedia, Korg, NAMM, Steinberg, Steinway, Sweetwater, and Yamaha.

This year’s donations will go to the Children’s Music Fund. Every dollar is matched 10x: for every dollar you donate, the MIDI Association sponsors will donate an additional $10!

The Children’s Music Fund helps sick children to heal through music therapy.

Watch Lisa Harriton from Smashing Pumpkins, Serj Tankian from System of a Down, Scott Shriner from Weezer, actress/singer/songwriter Minnie Driver, and others explain the important mission of Children’s Music Fund:
May is MIDI Month 2021 - Children's Music Fund

If you’d like to donate, please click here:
Donate to the Children’s Music Fund (matched)
Children’s Music Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, donations may be tax-deductible based on your country’s tax laws.

For more information, click the following link:
Children’s Music Fund – May is MIDI Month

Thank you very much!
Florian and the Bome team

PS: May is MIDI Month also means a number of exciting Bome releases… stay tuned!

News January 2021 / Believe In Music

We hope that you’ve had a nice, safe, and healthy start into 2021!

Here at Bome we’ve been safe and healthy… and very busy! We’re currently finalizing updates to Bome Network, MIDI Translator Pro, and the BomeBox firmware… (sorry no release yet!). Here are some related news.

NAMM Believe in Music Week

Next week is this year’s NAMM show — an all-virtual event: Believe In Music Week. Organizations and manufacturers present their products on the Believe In Music’s Swapcard site, and you can schedule virtual meetings. There are also a lot of streamed video sessions, performances, and concerts.
The best part: it’s free to attend for everyone!
There is also a virtual Bome booth, we’d love to see you come by πŸ˜‰ … or schedule a meeting!
Follow this link to register now:

MIDI Innovation Awards

This is a new award for innovative MIDI products. Of the many very interesting contestants, 10 finalists were selected by a panel of industry reviewers (which included yours truly). Now, public voting has started, so you can vote, too!
The grand finale will be streamed next Thursday in an awards show, including a high profile jury, MCs, and live performances.
Check out the finalists, vote, and attend the live stream here:

Streamed MIDI Sessions

Organized by the MIDI Association, there are 4 interesting sessions on January 18 as part of the Believe In Music week:
Session 1: 9am: MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)
Session 2: 10am: MIDI 2.0 Profiles and Property Exchange
Session 3: 11am: Bluetooth LE (Wireless MIDI)
Session 4: 1pm: MIDI 2.0 Protocol
All times are in the Pacific time zone. See the web site for more information:

Now I’m going back to implementing (some) MIDI 2.0 features in the BomeBox firmware…
Florian and the Bome team

November Update

Hey there!
We hope that you are safe and healthy during these troubling times in many parts of the world.

How about some nicer news?

BomeBox with Flange

This version of the BomeBox is widely available now. While functionality and connectors are the same as for the normal BomeBox, the mounting bracket allows affixing the BomeBox with screws:

We usually don’t have Black Friday sales, but we want to celebrate this additional BomeBox form factor with an introductory offer: for a limited time, it’s on sale for the same price as the normal BomeBox:

And while we ship world-wide from our web shop, we continue to expand our global network of distributors:

New Forum

When we retired our traditional forum in 2017, we hoped to provide a modern solution for improved user support and community discussions. Unfortunately, that Q&A-style forum continued to have technical deficiencies and seemed more confusing than our own products πŸ˜‰

Joking aside, this new forum is powered by Discourse, and for me, it’s pure joy to see the community feel coming back — in just 5 days already! Check it out:

Software Updates

Exciting new features for Bome Network, MIDI Translator Pro, and BomeBox firmware… coming soon!

The MIDI Association and MIDI 2.0

These are great times for MIDI! In the MIDI Association, I am participating in the development of new standards for the MIDI 2.0 ecosystem. And at Bome, we’re also working on first MIDI 2.0 implementations in our products.

Here is a new introductory MIDI 2.0 video by the MIDI Association (maybe you can spot a Bome signature product?):

Now back to translating some MIDI…
Florian and the Bome team

New BomeBox Firmware v1.4.2

Hey there!
It’s still May, and May is MIDI Month!

We have just released a new BomeBox firmware version 1.4.2:
Download and Upgrade Guide
This is a maintenance release with small enhancements and some stability improvements. Major new features will come later this year as a firmware upgrade.

Stay safe and healthy!
Florian and the Bome team
PS: Have you wondered what MIDI 2.0 will bring for you, the musicians, artists, creatives? Then don’t miss today’s MIDI Association webinar, Saturday May 30, at 10am PDT (1pm EDT / 19:00 CEST). Sign up here:
I (Florian) will be on the experts panel, too πŸ™‚

News and May is MIDI Month – Fundraiser for Artists

Hello Everyone,
we, the Bome team, hope that you are keeping your spirits up despite the COVID-19 situation. How about some Bome news?

May is MIDI Month!

May is MIDI Month is the MIDI Association’s yearly fund raiser. Because many MIDI users are severely affected by COVID-19, this year’s proceeds go to the Grammy/MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Grammy/MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund

The fund provides help for musicians and other creatives affected by the pandemic. Maybe you are lucky enough to be able to donate? All donations via the MIDI Association are matched by factor 10 by MIDI Manufacturers Association sponsor companies. As a silver sponsor, we are happy to have pledged $500 in matched donations.

Furthermore, the MIDI month brings you tips and weekly MIDI webinars on Saturdays. Check out for more information.

Bome Network Beta

Bome Network 1.2.8 BETA

An update to our Bome Network tool is overdue! Because the next version will feature many new features, we decided to open up a pre-release version (beta). If you’d like to check out Catalina support, a flexible MIDI Router, full control over virtual MIDI ports (including an add-on for purchase to create arbitrary virtual MIDI ports), and a new GUI, download it here:

We’d be happy to hear your experiences with this beta version!

And you may have been intrigued by the last connection entry in the screenshot above… yes, we’re currently evaluating if we want to publish Bome Network as an app for iOS devices. If you’d like to check it out, please ask us.


We’re currently preparing an interim firmware update with minor improvements. Later this year, we expect a major update with multi-stream support and MIDI 2.0 features. Stay tuned!

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Wishing you all the best,
Florian and the Bome team

Bome welcomes 2020!

The Bome team is wishing you a happy New Year!
We look forward to an exciting year 2020.
MIDI 2.0

MIDI 2.0

We have actively participated in creating the MIDI 2.0 specifications in the MIDI Manufacturers Association for many years. This year, some specifications will be finalized, and the Bome products will learn new MIDI 2.0 features along that path. The main focus will be on bridging MIDI 1.0 gear with the MIDI 2.0 world: proxying and translation. Existing BomeBox owners will also benefit from these new features by way of free firmware upgrades.

Tutorials for MIDI Translator Pro, BomeBox, and Bome Network

We continue to produce video tutorials for beginners, and also for advanced users. Check them out and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay in the loop:

Bome YouTube

NAMM Show 2020

If you’re at the NAMM Show this week, please come by our booth #9701 and say hello. Florian and Steve will show you the latest and greatest and will love to talk shop with you.

Moreover, together with MIDI Manufacturers Association colleagues, Bome CEO Florian Bomers will present a technical overview of MIDI 2.0 in the frame of the A3E “Future of Audio” Educational Sessions:
A3E WORKSHOP: MIDI 2.0 for Developers, a Technical Deep Dive
See here for an overview of MIDI activities at the NAMM Show:
MIDI at the 2020 NAMM Show

New US Distribution

We’re excited to announce that our hardware and software will be distributed from now on in the USA by Eleven Dimension Media. Purchasing the BomeBox in the USA will be easier than ever!

But now… back to translating MIDI!
All the best from
Florian and the entire Bome team

Bome MIDI Translator Pro v1.8.4 Released

We put some love into MIDI Translator Pro!
The new version 1.8.4 has more than 50 new features, enhancements, and fixes.
For example: dedicated MPE support, improved keystroke and mouse emulation, and better multi-monitor support.

Check it out now:
MIDI Translator Pro

If you own MIDI Translator Pro, you can update it free of charge in your account:
Bome Account
(if you don’t have an account, just create one)

Here you can check out the full version history:
Version History

Florian and the Bome team

PS: version 2.0 is being worked on in parallel…

Bome MIDI Translator Pro 1.8.1 / BomeBox is Out!

We have just released version 1.8.1 of Bome MIDI Translator Pro — with long-awaited new features and numerous bugs fixes *)

Moreover, our first hardware product, the BomeBox, is shipping! It is a versatile MIDI router, with USB, MIDI DIN, Ethernet, and WiFi connections. And the icing on the cake: you can load your MIDI Translator Pro projects into the box and it’ll run them with all your MIDI mappings, routes, timers,… without the need of a computer: MIDI Translator Pro in a box! Check it out.

If you own a license of MIDI Translator Pro, please register or log in to download the latest version. Otherwise, download the trial version for Windows and macOS now!

Florian and the Bome Team

*) improvements:

  • Tray / menu bar icon
  • Keystroke Input action: added Key Sequence and Text modes
  • Keystroke Action: enter special keys using a list (media keys, Alt-Down, Alt-Up, etc.)
  • Improved keyboard navigation and screen reader support
  • Improved command line usage
  • Windows: screen reader support
  • 100% compatible with previous project files

Full version history…

New BomeBox Firmware v1.4.1

Hi! We’re happy to announce a new firmware for the BomeBox.
The firmware fixes a few critical bugs regarding MIDI Routes, so we recommend to upgrade all your BomeBoxes.
Download and Upgrade Guide


  • Enhancement: Default Routes: now a checkbox, only create routes as needed
  • Enhancement: load MIDI Translator project files from attached USB drive
  • Bugfix: MIDI Routes get deleted when unplugging a device
  • Bugfix: Log page does not display verbose checkbox as checked
  • Improved MIDI Ports Page (by device display mode)
  • Improved unplugged warning notification
  • Improved Network MIDI page: display IP addresses, button for direct access to web config of other BomeBoxes

PS: it’s still May is MIDI Month! Next Saturday, May 25 at 10 AM PDT, there will be the MIDI 2.0 webinar with Bome founder Florian Bomers on the panel. More info on

May is MIDI Month!

May is MIDI Month! It’s the MIDI Association’s yearly fund raiser where we’re happy to be a Gold Sponsor.

You can enjoy daily tips and weekly MIDI webinars on Saturdays.
Tomorrow’s webinar is about Controllerism. And the topic of the webinar on May 25 is MIDI 2.0, with Bome founder Florian Bomers on the experts panel. If interested, mark your calendars!

Find out more about May is MIDI Month:
→The MIDI Association
You’ll be able to donate, too πŸ™‚

Cheers from the Bome team!

Happy New Year 2019 from the Bome Team

The Bome team is wishing you a happy New Year!

And we thank you for a successful and exciting year 2018!

New BomeBox Firmware

We’re happy to announce a new BomeBox firmware 1.3.2. It allows switching translation project files using the Execute File outgoing action. Check it out in BomeBox Downloads.

New BomeBox Tutorials

We’ve also just released two new video tutorials:
1) A remote controllable MIDI Switchboard using the BomeBox
2) Using BomeBox as a Host MIDI Switcher (leveraging the new firmware 1.3.2)

NAMM Show 2019

Also this year, we have a small but exquisite booth at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA, USA, January 25-28, 2019. Please come by and say hello, or schedule a meeting. We’re located at the entrance between halls A and B.

We do have a few free NAMM tickets reserved for our customers, just drop us a line (first come, first serve).

And now back to translating MIDI!

All the best from
Florian and the entire Bome team

May is MIDI Month Updates: Bome MIDI Translator Pro, Bome Network, BomeBox Firmware, and Privacy Policy

We are a proud gold sponsor of the May is MIDI Month campaign by the MIDI Manufacturers Association. Please check it out! For MIDI enthusiasts, we also recommend to sign up to The MIDI Association (it’s free).

In MIDI Month, we have prepared numerous updates for you:

Bome MIDI Translator Pro v1.8.3


  • option to set high contrast schemes for vision impaired users
  • MIDI capture: options for raw capture and/or filter out timing messages.
  • macOS Mouse Action: allow to capture mouse position
  • keystroke input/output: improved compatibility with international keyboards
  • macOS: improved AppleScript Editor
  • many more stability improvements and fixes.

See full version history
Download Trial
Download Full Version in Your Account

Bome Network v1.2.0


  • maintain log file to trouble-shoot connection problems
  • improved stability

Free Download

BomeBox Firmware v1.3


  • new feature: QWERTY keyboard input support
  • improved logging
  • improved, more responsive web config


BMIDI Virtual MIDI SDK v2.1


  • fix BSOD when removing BMIDI port which is actively connected to a BMIDI application
  • improved compatibility with Windows 10 update 1803/1804
  • improved addition/removal/disabling/enabling of ports in Device Manager

BMIDI drivers are included with our MIDI software. If you are a developer and want to use virtual MIDI ports in your own application, please see the BMIDI SDK page:
BMIDI SDK (for developers)

Updated Privacy Policy

Today, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, aka EU-DSGVO) becomes effective. Already before, we’ve taken your privacy rights very seriously… but now it’s the law! As before, you can view the data we store about you and change your newsletter preferences in your account. Moreover, at any time, you can ask us to change or delete your personal data (where legally possible). Please review our updated Privacy Policy:
Privacy Policy

That’s all for MIDI Month!
Florian with the Bome Team

Restorator 2018 released

Howdy! After more than 10 years, we’ve updated Restorator to version 2018 with a number of small fixes.

Download full version

Download Trial version


  • support for icons with embedded PNG images
  • Improved toolbar and icon display (thanks to Azza for working on this)
  • easier String management: display string resources in just one resource
  • limited support for 64-bit exe files (amd64, ia64)
  • bugfix: handle 4 color bitmap resources (but cannot display them)
  • bugfix: DlgItemTemplateEx has 32-bit ID and not only 16-bit
  • bugfix: non-extended menus can have popup flags separated without comma
  • bugfix: committing version resource multiple times would corrupt version resource
  • bugfix: assigning from command line to a selected resource will not use it, but create a new one based on the filename
  • bugfix: on save, cleanly remove an authenticate signature instead of rendering it defunct
  • new command line parameter:
    -extract <resource> <file> [extract a resource to file]

  • Improved command line parameters, specify as many operations at once.
  • added new command line parameter: -extract
  • removed explorer context menu (too many problems with wrong associations)
  • fix display of 4-bit compressed Bitmap images (build 1791)
  • fix version resource editing (build 1792)
  • fix file viewer (build 1792)
  • black bar on top of images (build 1792)

Meet Bome at Musikmesse 2018

Just like every year, we would love to meet you this week at the Pro Light & Sound and Musikmesse 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany. We don’t have a booth this year, but you can schedule a meeting to chat with Bome Software founder Florian Bomers, check out the BomeBox and upcoming firmware features, and talk shop all things MIDI!

The next chance to meet us is at SuperBooth first week of May in Berlin, Germany.

BomeBox supports Allen & Heath Mixers

Introducing Allen & Heath professional mixer support!

We’re happy to announce that the BomeBox now provides MIDI connectivity to Allen & Heath digital mixers of the dLive, GLD, and Qu series. Now, connecting the mixer to a BomeBox via Ethernet will let you use the BomeBox’es MIDI ports to access the mixer. All advanced MIDI routing capabilities of the BomeBox are available, too, and you can even connect multiple mixers to one BomeBox.

Just upgrade the BomeBox to firmware version 1.2 (or later). The firmware is available in the BomeBox Downloads section. Every BomeBox can be upgraded using the new firmware.

Questions? Discuss in our Q&A forum or contact us directly!

Meet Bome at Musikmesse 2017

We would love to meet you this week at the Pro Light & Sound and Musikmesse 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany! Please schedule a meeting to get hands-on with the BomeBox, or check out version 1.8.2 of MIDI Translator Pro. And of course, have a chat with Bome Software founder Florian Bomers!

The next chance to meet us is at SuperBooth later this month in Berlin, Germany.

Bome MIDI Translator Pro v1.8.2

We have just released a minor update of Bome MIDI Translator Pro. It mainly fixes an issue with mouse emulation on macOS and a crash when saving. This incompatibility was introduced by a recent macOS update in 10.11 (El Capitan) and 10.12 (Sierra). Thanks for that!

We’ve also improved serial port support: now you can configure the port parameters on serial port aliases and create MIDI ports from serial port aliases. All these settings will be stored in the project file (.bmtp). Like that, using such a project on a different computer will instantly configure the ports as needed. Also, it works great for using serial ports attached to the BomeBox — with the upcoming firmware!

There are also a number of minor improvements for macOS and Windows: check out the full version history.

Owners of an MT Pro license, please log into your account (or create a new account) to download the new version. New users, check out the trial version.

We’ll be at Musikmesse next week in Frankfurt/Germany, and at Superbooth April 20-22 in Berlin. Would be great to meet you!

Florian and the Bome Team

PS: our apologies if you’ve received this notification twice. We’ve had some technical difficulties.

Bome Network, NAMM News

Hey gals and guys, we’ve just released the Bome Network tool for connecting to the BomeBox (mainly), and demonstrated some nice new MT Pro features at the NAMM Show two weeks ago.

Bome Network

With the Bome Network tool you connect your favorite DAW or other MIDI software to the BomeBox from a Windows or macOS computer. It works with Bome MIDI Translator Pro, too! It’s free for connecting to a BomeBox. Bome Network Pro costs EUR 29 and lets you connect from computer to computer, too (much like Apple’s network MIDI/RTP-MIDI).


At the NAMM Show in Anaheim, we’ve shown early versions of a couple of new features for MIDI Translator Pro:

  • OSC actions: use OSC input and output actions in MT Pro projects for translating OSC to and from MIDI, or to mouse/keystrokes or even other OSC
  • OSC Router: create flexible OSC routings for multiple OSC apps
  • Improved MIDI Router: create routes from MIDI Output ports to another Output (duplicate MIDI output streams), from Input to Input (duplicate incoming MIDI data as if it comes from another port, too), or from Output to Input (feed it back to the router and the processing engine). This will facilitate many connection issues!
  • Improved Serial Ports: your serial port settings are now stored in the project file, and the MIDI-over-serial feature has been greatly improved.

The best thing is: all these new features will also come to the BomeBox with a firmware upgrade! At NAMM, we’ve shown a smartphone running TouchOSC directly connected to the BomeBox via its built-in WiFi, where we’ve been running an MT Pro project translating the OSC messages to MIDI, and playing a synthesizer connected via 5-pin DIN. No computer necessary for your performance!

Also, we will post an interim update of MT Pro to fix a few compatibility issues with macOS “Sierra” 10.12.

Florian and the Bome team

PS: check out some impressions of our NAMM booth on our Facebook page.

Website Make-Over

We’re very excited about the new design of our website! It comes with a fresh new look, a new Q&A section (phasing out the forum), single sign-on, and it’s mobile friendly.

And don’t forget to check by our booth if you’re at the NAMM show in Anaheim, starting next Thursday (booth #1088 in hall E). We’ll show some new upcoming firmware features for the BomeBox and MIDI Translator Pro. But be warned, the Bome team has not had a complete make over…

For rants or kudos, feel free to post in the Q&A section!

Florian and the entire Bome team

Happy Holidays!

We wish everyone happy holidays and a happy New Year!

We’re very busy preparing for the NAMM Show in Anaheim in January. There, we’ll present some great new features for the BomeBox and MIDI Translator Pro… meet us at our booth #1088 in hall E!

Florian and the entire Bome Team

BomeBox is Shipping

We’re extremely happy to announce availability of the BomeBox™ in our web shop. It has come a long way, but this is just the start!

Our introductory offer for the first production batch is €199 (approx. US$225) plus shipping, so get it while supplies last!

Now we’re thrilled to watch the BomeBox ecosystem grow in studios, stages, theaters… Let us know your experiences and questions in the web forum or via email. We also have an extensive FAQ.

Think inside the box!
The Bome team — Florian, Georg, Magnus, Jared, Andi, Whit, Lioba, Linda

Bome MIDI Translator Pro 1.8

The Bome Team is happy to announce version 1.8 of Bome MIDI Translator Pro!
This version introduces powerful new features and many enhancements:

  • New single window user interface on Windows
  • No MIDI hex codes anymore (unless you like them): simple MIDI message selection
  • Improved virtual port naming
  • AppleScript support (on OS X)
  • Full serial port support
  • New options for keystroke emulation
  • Improved performance
  • 100% compatible with previous project files (except for WM_ actions)
  • Full version history…

You can download the trial version for Windows and OS X now!

If you own a license of MIDI Translator Pro and you have not received the notification email, please log in to retrieve your license key and to download the latest version.

And make sure to check out the video outlining the user interface of this new version.

Florian and the Bome Team

BomeBox Certified!

We’re very happy to report that the BomeBox has finally received EMI certification (FCC, etc.). We had to slightly modify the circuitry, but we were able to keep the full functionality.

Right now we’re sorting out the last bits for the first production run scheduled for July/August, with public availability afterwards.

We’ll keep you posted!
Florian and the Bome team

Meet Bome at the NAMM Show 2016

We would love to meet you at the NAMM Show 2016 in Anaheim, CA (January 21 to 24)! In our booth #1088 in hall E (downstairs), you’ll have the chance to chat with Florian Bomers, founder, and Jared Helfer, our tech suport guru!

We’ll also show the BomeBox in action, and showcase the new MIDI Translator Pro features. For scheduling a meeting, please contact us directly.

PS: we have recently discovered a new BomeBox production problem, delaying availability of the BomeBox. We’re currently working on a fix, with certification scheduled right before NAMM. Crossing our fingers!

Bome unveils BomeBox

We’re happy to present the BomeBox, a small friendly box to connect devices via MIDI, USB, Ethernet, and WiFi, using the full mapping and processing power of Bome MIDI Translator Pro. Check it out at the NAMM Show 2015 in booth #1086 (hall E)!

Product Page:

Press Release:

Florian and the Bome team!

Happy New Year from Bome Headquarter!

All the best for 2015!
Right now, we’re working on the final touches of 2 exciting product releases at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, January 22 to 25:
1) MIDI Translator Pro version 1.8 — an important milestone towards the long awaited 2.0 release…
2) our first hardware product… stay tuned!
Drop by at our NAMM booth #1086 in hall E.

Speaking for all the Bome staff,