New BomeBox Firmware v1.4.1

Hi! We’re happy to announce a new firmware for the BomeBox.
The firmware fixes a few critical bugs regarding MIDI Routes, so we recommend to upgrade all your BomeBoxes.
Download and Upgrade Guide


  • Enhancement: Default Routes: now a checkbox, only create routes as needed
  • Enhancement: load MIDI Translator project files from attached USB drive
  • Bugfix: MIDI Routes get deleted when unplugging a device
  • Bugfix: Log page does not display verbose checkbox as checked
  • Improved MIDI Ports Page (by device display mode)
  • Improved unplugged warning notification
  • Improved Network MIDI page: display IP addresses, button for direct access to web config of other BomeBoxes

PS: it’s still May is MIDI Month! Next Saturday, May 25 at 10 AM PDT, there will be the MIDI 2.0 webinar with Bome founder Florian Bomers on the panel. More info on