Mouse Keyboard

Bome Mouse Keyboard

Use your mouse and the computer keyboard as a music keyboard!

Now you can play music as if you had a MIDI keyboard connected to your computer — without the hardware hassle. Mouse Keyboard makes it easy to compose your music while on the road with only a laptop, or to play software synthesizers like Reason live with your computer keyboard. Additionally, it can serve as a virtual control surface using mouse, mouse wheel, and joysticks as input.


  • play and compose music with the mouse or the computer keyboard
  • play and entire chords with just one note. With chord editor!
  • transpose all MIDI notes
  • instrument name support by way of patch scripts
  • user defineable knobs to control MIDI synths and software
  • use your mouse wheel to send pitch bend and controllers
  • use your joysticks as MIDI controller
  • tutorials for Reason (with control surface mapping), Cubase, Sonar, Acid.


Version 2.0 for Windows


If you are a commercial user, or if you want to remove the nag screen at start-up, you’re asked to purchase a license.

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Version History

Here we list the new features and bug fixes for every release of Bome’s Mouse Keyboard.

Version 2.00 (06/2007)

  • options to show MIDI channel, controller numbers, and bank/program numbers 1-based or 0-based.
  • display/choose bank as one number
  • select default GM patchset when starting
  • menu item to load default patch set
  • use My Documents\Bome's Mouse Keyboard as default folder to store settings
    and presets.

  • fixed non-persistent chord import
  • fixed sendMSBfirst handling in patch scripts
  • fixed: Choose Patchset throws Exception
  • fixed: patch sets get updated when changing bank/program
  • fixed: knob preset selection
  • fixed: persistence of transpose

Version 2.00 beta 6 (03/2003)

  • new installer
  • detect virtual MIDI driver feedback loops
  • safer panic function
  • fixed bug when scrolling base note with mouse.

Version 2.00 beta 5 (04/2001)

  • mouse play: change play mode on the fly by pressing left and right buttons at once
  • alt+mouse drag on keyboard: shift the keyboard
  • settings: choose whether to have the base note buttons (arrow buttons)
  • knob editor external window
  • Shift+Mousewheel = fine mode (also for knobs)
  • shift+play: alternate velocity (settings)
  • mouse play over the edges
  • new Shift/Ctrl/Alt combinations for mouse/keyboard playing
  • note off ALWAYS when a computer key is released — no matter what state of shift/ctrl/alt
  • fixed bug when controller for Pitching Mode was set to none
  • fixed note hold when changing octave while playing
  • fixed update problem in knob editor

Version 2.00 beta 4 (03/2001)

  • new graphics/colors
  • File|Exit now works
  • Loadable patch sets in cubase format
  • sorted keyword in PatchList
  • stay on top
  • extensive joystick control
  • change keyboard mapping: which computer key corresponds to note C
  • also play when knobs etc. are focused
  • panic button
  • key names are displayed when defined in Cubase patch script (e.g. for drums)
  • save snapshot of knobs
  • cleaned registry usage
  • key names are displayed when played with the computer keyboard
  • more "intelligent" knob layout
  • tooltip window for knobs while tracking
  • "sticky" Pitch (with CTRL)
  • Foot controller (FC) removed (can be done as knob)
  • Pitch/MW as image, remove their number-box
  • arrow buttons at left and right to change base note instead of slider
  • by default the MIDI Mapper is opened for MIDI Out and the
    first Midi in port is opened (->instant fun!)

  • moved octave, base note, and current note display to statusbar
  • transpose (also for MIDI thru)
  • chord editor
  • keyboard shortcuts for changing patch, program, chord, etc.
  • mouse wheel support (as modulation wheel, etc.)
  • new internal algorithm for knobs – cleaner handling.
  • knobs are now stored in the registry. Use the import/export functions to
    use the old ini files.

  • fixed bug: knob preset is not always loaded correctly
  • import/Export of settings, knob presets, knob snapshots, chords to ini files for
    easy transfer across installations/computers.

Version 1.01 (03/1999)

  • added playing with computer keyboard
  • added Knob presets

Version 1.00 (03/1999)

  • initial Release


Bome Software provides support for Bome Mouse Keyboard in multiple levels:


The Tutorials (Usage Examples) are examples of typical usage scenarios. Step-by-step guides with annotated screenshots make it easy to follow them by yourself.


The Documentation (Reference Manual) provides descriptions of all features and functions offered by Bome Mouse Keyboard.

Discussion Forums

In the online discussion forum, users can interchange know-how, tricks and their experiences. This is the recommended way to get help for specific problems.
The Bome team is active in the forums and makes sure that everybody’s request will be satisfied.

Email Support

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Email support is reserved for licensed users (i.e. only if you have purchased Bome Mouse Keyboard).