CS1x-Edit is a program for Windows 95, 98, and ME to administer the Yamaha CS1x Control Synthesizer through your PC.

CS1x-Edit is available for free now!


Generally it is a solution for 4 main tasks:

  • Edit your own Performances with the Performance Editor. An easy-to-use interface provides access? to every parameter of a performance. You have all parameters at one glance, and the changes you make are instantly audible. Additionally, you can create exciting new sounds with the Randomizer.
  • Manage the preset and user bank of performances in the main window (Control Panel) and the Bank Compiler.
  • With the Player you can play your MIDI files while editing a performance, thus hearing your new sounds alive.
  • The Utility allows you to set? the system parameters of the CS1x (set up the controller? assignments, the MIDI channels, etc.).

In every window you have the possibility to load and save the respective data as a System Exclusive (*.syx) or MIDI (*.mid) file. Moreover, CS1x-Edit offers high flexibility regarding sending and receiving data to and from the CS1x via MIDI (bulkdumps).

Additional Features:

  • Mouse Keyboard: With your mouse you can play notes to listen to your current performance. This is especially useful if your synth is not on your desk. Also, the hold function lets you easily browse through the material voices while creating a new performance.
  • Automatic recognition of the device number.
  • Support for multiple CS1x’s.
  • Realtime controls (like the knobs, scene switches, etc.) are fully accessible within the Control Panel and reposition themselves automatically if evoked from the synth.
  • All changes (scroller movements…) and even notes (on the Mouse Keyboard) are displayed while playing.
  • MIDI clock when playing MIDI files: This enables you to sync the Arpeggiator to your music.
  • MIDI-thru: There is no need anymore to switch local on/off when using Sequencers and CS1x-Edit. The MIDI-thru passes through the Mouse Keyboard, so it will apply any chosen chords during playing.
  • The “Add a Scrolling Message to your Song in the Player” function adds a text into your MIDI file, which is scrolled during playback in the CS1x display.


Please click on the images below to see the screenshots.


Warning: CS1x-Edit is made for Windows 95, 98, and ME.
It does not run on newer version of Windows.
CS1x-Edit Icon    CS1xEdit.zip          (V1.24 from 17 Jan 99, 449 KB for Windows 3.11/95/98/ME)


After downloading, use this freeware license key:

Name:     "CS1x Freeware"
Password: "$0FCDED7C"

Enter name and Password (exactly as above) in the registration dialog. Do not include the initial and final quote! Also make sure that you use the same capitalization. The easiest way is to copy/paste the name and the Password.