Bome Network

This is a tool for macOS and Windows to create MIDI connections to one or more BomeBoxes via Ethernet and via WiFi. The Pro version also allows reliable MIDI connections from computer to computer. That functionality is very similar to Apple’s network MIDI/rtpMIDI.
Bome Network Diagram

Standard Edition: use with the BomeBox

The standard edition of the Bome Network tool allows connecting your computer to one or more BomeBoxes via Ethernet and WiFi. Any MIDI application can send MIDI to the BomeBox and receive from it. On the BomeBox, you can configure which MIDI stream is sent to a particular connected computer.

There is also a handy feature for BomeBox owners: the drop-down menu of the tool allows you to bring up the web config of any BomeBox that is connected via Ethernet or WiFi. The Bome Network tool also shows notifications when a BomeBox becomes available or vanishes on the network.


Download Bome Network 1.2.1

Released: 2018-05-25
XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

10.7 - 10.14

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Version History

Version 1.1:
Added functionality to connect to a BomeBox via IP address (for accessing BomeBoxes in routed networks).

Version 1.0:
Initial release.

Bome Network Pro: Computer to Computer

If you want to create MIDI connections from computer to computer (and soon tablets and smartphones), you can do so with a Bome Network Pro license.