ReNovator for ReBirth 2

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ReNovator for ReBirth 2 is the easiest way to create ReBirth mods!

Now available for free!


  • ReNovator
    wraps the use of ModPacker: When you want to create your mod (.rbm file), ReNovator creates a temporary directory, copies all files there and runs ModPacker. Once ModPacker has finished packing the RBM, ReNovator removes the directory.
  • Removi:
    • Removi – the preview window – displays all your components like ReBirth does, so you no longer need to run ReBirth to check your latest adjustments.
    • Removi lets you can turn the knobs, click buttons etc. to fully test your graphics.
    • You can listen to the drums by clicking on them in Removi.
    • For fun, you can set all knobs, sliders and buttons to their minimum or maximum positions — and there’s even a randomize function!
  • You can keep using BMPS and WAV files — ReNovator does all the necessary conversion for ModPacker.
  • Using ModPacker-names ("12500.jpg", etc) or ReNovator-names ("303 Panel.jpg") is treated transparently — use what you like — or any other filename. We believe it’s more convenient to use filenames that are descriptive.
    And if you have (for example) a library with drum samples, you won’t have to rename and copy them – just drag’n’drop the file on the corresponding drum in ReNovator. It will do everything necessary to create the RBM.
  • In the image viewer, images can be resized so that they fit into its window – or do you prefer that image viewer’s size adapts to the image to be displayed? – You can do both!
  • The file browser (right list) is a full clone of the explorer. You can also Copy/Paste and drag’n’drop with the explorer.
  • We added many new options: For example now you can define a standard image and wave editing program that will be launched by double-clicking on an image or drum.
  • A simple wizard helps anyone who isn’t familiar with the basics of mod creation in ReNovator.
  • See the FAQ for some frequently asked questions.


ReNovator Icon RfR2Full_202.exe (V2.02 from 18 Mar 2005, 759 KB for Windows)


After installation, start the program. It will display the “R-Code” (looks like R12345678) and prompt for the license key. Please request your license key, specifying the R-code.


Please click on the images below to see the screenshots.


1. Why use ReNovator ?

Some people just use ModPacker and say that that’s easy enough for making mods. ReNovator adds some comfort to this:

  • You can use images and drums from directories of your choice, so you no longer need to copy files.
  • The names of the files don’t have to be cryptic like with ModPacker. You can use your own names or take ReNovator’s name scheme.
  • PC users often work with WAV samples. ReNovator lets you use these instead of AIFF files and converts them automatically. You can even mix formats.
  • JPEG images have the disadvantage of losing quality when you alter them. Instead, you should use BMPs in 16 million colors, which keep their quality when you modify them. ReNovator treats BMPs and JPEGs equally and automatically converts BMPs to JPEG when creating the mod.
  • REMOVi – this previewer is indispensable for mod creation – at least that’s what my beta testers said. See below for a short description.
  • Last, but not least, you have a fully integrated program that helps you through every step of mod creation. The quick preview functionality for images and drums makes it especially easy!

2. I don’t have ModPacker. How can I get it ?

ModPacker is included on the original CD of ReBirth 2. Just double-click the ModPacker install icon to install it. Please DO NOT ask me to send it to you. ModPacker needs the original ReBirth CD, without the CD it won’t work!

3. I can’t open other programs anymore in ReNovator

ReNovator for ReBirth 2 is exclusively for ReBirth 2 — like the name suggests. It is simply there to facilitate mod making and nothing else.

The new mod format (.rbm) makes it no longer necessary to open / exchange EXE files, so this is not a feature of Renovator for Rebirth 2.

However, we continued the work on ReNovator 1.10 and made it a real resource editor, i.e. you can change everything in the resource section of any exe or dll file like all icons, texts, etc. (sound and JPEG and BMP images, stay too, of course). That program is now released as “Restorator”, available for download here.

4. Why can’t I open an existing RBM file and extract the files ?

The new mod format encrypts the mod files, making it impossible for me to open it.

Propellerhead Software made it this way in order to protect the artwork of serious mod makers.

5. Where is the image viewer, like in ReNovator 1.1 ?

Click on the toolbar “ImgViewer”.

6. What is “REMOVi” ?

REMOVi is a window in ReNovator that displays all your mod components like they are displayed by ReBirth. It serves as a previewer while you create your mod. All knobs, sliders, buttons, etc. are fully functional. This way, you can really test your components and it’s no longer necessary to compile the RBM file and open ReBirth to test your mod.

Additionally, you can listen to your mod drums by simply clicking on the drum buttons in the 808 and 909. REMOVi is only available in the full version of ReNovator, see the file purchase.txt for more information.

7. How can I contact the authors?

The best way to ask questions or report problems with ReNovator is in the forums.

8. Where can I download the Mac version?

There is no Mac version available. Sorry!

9. I have problems with playing back samples

One beta tester had strange lock-ups and crashes when playing samples. I investigated extensively, but found nothing to get rid of his problems. If you have these problems, it would be very kind if you could send me a detailed description of exactly what happens. Please also add some info about your system, like OS (7 or 8, …), processor, RAM, sound card, etc.

10. JPEG – compression quality

ReNovator uses the original compression algorithm of the Independant JPEG Group. Apparently, in rare cases, the JPEG image produced by ReNovator is slightly altered compared to the original BMP, even when setting JPEG quality to 100% (in the settings dialog). We have tried many things, but we never resolved the problem. So, if you aren’t satisfied with the JPEG images produced by ReNovator, there is an easy solution: convert the BMPs with another image program and use these JPEGs with ReNovator.

11. My license key does not work anymore

The license key required to use the full version of ReNovator is based on one computer. When your computer has changed, like reinstalling Windows or changing the hard disk or motherboard, you need to request a new license key. In this request, you must include the “R-Code” which looks something like “R12345678″. You can find the R-Code in the dialog where you have to enter the password. Usually we respond to such requests during 24 hours. Request a new license key.