Send SX

The Bome Send SX main window
The Bome Send SX main window

This powerful utility for Windows creates small Sys Ex messages and can send them to any MIDI device. It’s also a great little MIDI monitor, and can easily test small Sys Ex requests, since the reply as well as all other events from the MIDI device are displayed.

Additional features include loading and saving of Sys Ex files, so you can archive bulk dumps from your MIDI device and send them later back to the device.


Download Bome SendSX for Windows:
Bome Send SX v1.4 (February 2019)


An old version for 16-bit Windows 3.11:
Bome SendSX 1.1 (June 1999)


After a reasonable trial period, you are asked to purchase Bome Send SX. There are 2 possibilities:
  • Pay the license fee:
    Pay the license fee of 20 euros (approx. US$ 22 ). You will be registered as licensed user, although there is no license key or full version. The download version is the full version.You can pay online using secure credit card transactions. Other means of payment are available, too. Commercial users (i.e. anyone making money using the software) can only acquire a license through payment.
  • Send a postcard:
    For private users, this alternate method of payment is available. Please allow 4-10 weeks for delivery and processing of the postcard. See the Postcardware page for more details. Commercial users cannot purchase Bome Send SX by sending a postcard.
In both cases, you'll receive a license key which removes the purchase reminder at start up.
Site licenses and deployment on shared or public computers require a separate license agreement. Please contact the author for details.

Version History

Version 1.4

  • better default font: courier new
  • for full messages: disable throttling, send data “as is”
  • option to disable chunking in 128-byte chunks when sending
  • command line parameter “/send” will send the outgoing data

Version 1.3 beta

  • MIDI thru independent of “only sys ex” setting
  • option for only one instance
  • faster display of incoming/outgoing MIDI data
  • auto-detect new/removed MIDI devices
  • only send selected portion
  • add action log
  • option to only receive sys ex
  • context menus for boxes
  • enable loading of MIDI files
  • add logs for all activity
  • new settings dialog
  • only send selected portion
  • option to only receive sys ex
  • context menus for boxes with copy/paste
  • fixed bug that it would receive the beginning of a bulk dump twice
  • fixed bug that it did not remember the currently active MIDI devices
  • use a new high-performance display for the sys ex boxes
  • file size is only limited by available memory
  • faster loading of large files
  • allow choice of font and font size
  • wrap normal MIDI messages correctly upon loading
  • setting send speed allows fine grained selection of speed in bytes/second
  • show progress with transfer rate during sending and receiving
  • allow comments (//, ;, #) in MIDI Out box
  • minimum size of the 2 boxes to prevent to accidentally hiding them
  • split statusbar for MIDI IN and MIDI OUT messages.

Jan 2005: Release of version 1.22:

  • option to split long lines while loading/displaying
  • if a parameter is given, and it points to a file,
    open it

  • most recently used file list
  • faster loading of large files
  • installer

Since V1.21 (June 2001)

  • it is possible now to receive unlimited number of messages under all Windows versions

Since V1.20 (May 2001)

  • configurable Send Delay
  • option for small font size
  • "Save Midi In" menu item
  • "Go to homepage" menu item
  • fixed bug in receiving sys ex
  • cleaner send/receive of bulk dumps