MT Player (OEM)

For OEM customers, we provide the following:

  • Your own custom, redistributable runtime, like the demo MT Player below
  • the Bome SignTool to create signed and/or encrypted project files (.bmtp / .bmte) for the player

As an OEM customer, you can distribute the player along with your own presets. That way you can make Bome’s processing power available to your users without them having to purchase MIDI Translator separately. All they need is your custom MT Player. Additionally, you can encrypt the presets so that your customers will not be able to see and/or modify your presets.

Please contact us if you are interested in licensing an OEM version of the player or the editor.

If you are interested in licensing our virtual MIDI ports, please see the BMIDI product page.
For integrating our MIDI technology into your software, please see the Bome SDK Licensing page.

Bome MIDI Translator Pro OEM

You can also license the preset editor, MIDI Translator Pro, as an OEM version with complete redistributable rights. Please contact us for more info.

Bome SignTool

The SignTool lets you sign your presets so that they are bound to run in your own MT Player. You can also create encrypted preset files (.bmte): these files can only be decrypted by your version of MT Player, so that you can protect your hard work (it is not possible to look into .bmte files, or edit them).

Operation is simple: just drag your .bmtp file on the SignTool and it signs it, and it creates the encrypted version with file extension .bmte.

After setting up a license with Bome Software, you will get your own signing key to use with the signing tool.

Download SignTool

Here you can download a demo version which includes a demo signing key. Project files signed or encrypted with the demo key can run in the Demo MT Player (see below). To create project files, use MIDI Translator Pro.

Bome SignTool v1.3
Bome SignTool v1.3

MT Player Demo

This demo version of MT Player lets you see how such a runtime would work. The demo version only loads .bmtp project files signed or encrypted with the SignTool using the demo key that is delivered with the SignTool.

Once you have signed or encrypted a project file, drag it on the player to load it. Because this is a demo version, the preset will only run for 20 minutes. After that it will be unloaded and needs to be restarted.

After setting up a license with Bome Software, you will get your own MT Player:

  • will not have the 20min limitation
  • supports almost all features of the current Bome MIDI Translator Pro
  • can be included in your own software installer as part of a larger system
  • use any number of virtual MIDI ports with your MT Player
  • may feature your logo or any other type of branding (additional fees apply)
  • specify a completely different user interface (additional fees apply)

Download MT Player DEMO

Here you can download the demo version of MT Player. You need the SignTool (above) to sign (or encrypt) project files. To create project files, use MIDI Translator Pro.

MT Player v1.8.4.37
MT Player v1.8.4.37


Please contact Bome Software for your licensing options if you are interested in redistributing the player or customized software based on the MIDI Translator product line. Please specify your intended use of the player and the type of market where you’ll be reselling it.