November Update

Hey there!
We hope that you are safe and healthy during these troubling times in many parts of the world.

How about some nicer news?

BomeBox with Flange

This version of the BomeBox is widely available now. While functionality and connectors are the same as for the normal BomeBox, the mounting bracket allows affixing the BomeBox with screws:

We usually don’t have Black Friday sales, but we want to celebrate this additional BomeBox form factor with an introductory offer: for a limited time, it’s on sale for the same price as the normal BomeBox:

And while we ship world-wide from our web shop, we continue to expand our global network of distributors:

New Forum

When we retired our traditional forum in 2017, we hoped to provide a modern solution for improved user support and community discussions. Unfortunately, that Q&A-style forum continued to have technical deficiencies and seemed more confusing than our own products 😉

Joking aside, this new forum is powered by Discourse, and for me, it’s pure joy to see the community feel coming back — in just 5 days already! Check it out:

Software Updates

Exciting new features for Bome Network, MIDI Translator Pro, and BomeBox firmware… coming soon!

The MIDI Association and MIDI 2.0

These are great times for MIDI! In the MIDI Association, I am participating in the development of new standards for the MIDI 2.0 ecosystem. And at Bome, we’re also working on first MIDI 2.0 implementations in our products.

Here is a new introductory MIDI 2.0 video by the MIDI Association (maybe you can spot a Bome signature product?):

Now back to translating some MIDI…
Florian and the Bome team