BomeBox With Flange


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A MIDI Hub and Router for connecting musical instruments via MIDI DIN, USB, Ethernet, and WiFi.

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This is the BomeBox with a mounting flange.

This is the same versatile MIDI/USB/Ethernet/WiFi router and processor, now with an easy mounting plate.

The BomeBox is the solution for connecting and mapping devices via MIDI, Ethernet, WiFi, and USB (without the need of a computer). Cross-connect USB-MIDI devices (powered by the BomeBox), MIDI 5-pin DIN, other BomeBoxes, Allen & Heath professional mixers, and computers. In conjunction with the software editor Bome MIDI Translator Pro, you can fully use the BomeBox’ powerful MIDI processing engine in a robust, self-contained device.

Bottom plate’s dimensions: 146mm x 96mm (5.76″ x 3.78″).
Mounting holes are designed for M3.5, M4, or M4.5 (#6 – #8) screws.
The mounting holes centers are spaced 68.6mm x 134.2mm (2.701″ x 5.283″).
Each side also features a slot for a mounting strap (or small screws).

All other specifications are identical to the regular BomeBox.

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Additional information

Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 cm

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