Bome Black Deals

For the first time ever, Bome is having a Black Friday promotion 🙂

This Friday until Monday, we’ll have an amazing deal for all of our software. Stay tuned for our newsletter on Friday!

Today, we have two special BomeBox deals — only available via this newsletter.

1) BomeBox B-Stock

We exclusively offer a few BomeBox B-stock units that we’ve used at a trade show for display:
Only €179.00 instead of €225.00.
They have small scratches and signs of use, but are fully functional and come with full warranty.
BomeBox B-Stock

2) The BomeBox Rack x2

This is a custom built 1U rack, containing two individual BomeBoxes. All buttons and LED’s are on the front (except network activity LEDs). All connectors — 2x USB host, 2x MIDI IN/OUT, 2×2 Ethernet, power — can be found at the back. It also features two times WiFi. The rack is powered via a single power supply (external). We only have two of these exclusive racks available.
BomeBox Rack x2

First come, first serve!
Florian and the Bome team