New BomeBox Firmware v1.5.2 with MIDI-CI

Happy Summer! And happy winter to folks in the Southern hemnisphere!
We’ve just released version 1.5.2 of the BomeBox firmware. It features initial MIDI 2.0 support: MIDI-CI Discovery and MIDI-CI Property Exchange. See the updated user’s manual for more information.

Please find the firmware download and upgrade instructions here:

What’s New?

  • feature: MIDI 2.0: MIDI-CI Responder and MIDI-CI Proxy for Discovery and Property Exchange.
  • feature: Reset to Factory Defaults now possible via USB drive
  • improvement: after uploading a project file, open it (unless another project is loaded)
  • improvement: WiFi LED does not blink longer than needed
  • bugfix: fix rare problems when re-establishing MIDI network pairing
  • bugfix: upload project files with # in name
  • bugfix: MIDI 2.0 device selector is sometimes empty

Florian and the Bome Team