BomeBox supports Allen & Heath Mixers

Introducing Allen & Heath professional mixer support!

We’re happy to announce that the BomeBox now provides MIDI connectivity to Allen & Heath digital mixers of the dLive, GLD, and Qu series. Now, connecting the mixer to a BomeBox via Ethernet will let you use the BomeBox’es MIDI ports to access the mixer. All advanced MIDI routing capabilities of the BomeBox are available, too, and you can even connect multiple mixers to one BomeBox.

Just upgrade the BomeBox to firmware version 1.2 (or later). The firmware is available in the BomeBox Downloads section. Every BomeBox can be upgraded using the new firmware.

Questions? Discuss in our Q&A forum or contact us directly!

Bome Network, NAMM News

Hey gals and guys, we’ve just released the Bome Network tool for connecting to the BomeBox (mainly), and demonstrated some nice new MT Pro features at the NAMM Show two weeks ago.

Bome Network

With the Bome Network tool you connect your favorite DAW or other MIDI software to the BomeBox from a Windows or macOS computer. It works with Bome MIDI Translator Pro, too! It’s free for connecting to a BomeBox. Bome Network Pro costs EUR 29 and lets you connect from computer to computer, too (much like Apple’s network MIDI/RTP-MIDI).


At the NAMM Show in Anaheim, we’ve shown early versions of a couple of new features for MIDI Translator Pro:

  • OSC actions: use OSC input and output actions in MT Pro projects for translating OSC to and from MIDI, or to mouse/keystrokes or even other OSC
  • OSC Router: create flexible OSC routings for multiple OSC apps
  • Improved MIDI Router: create routes from MIDI Output ports to another Output (duplicate MIDI output streams), from Input to Input (duplicate incoming MIDI data as if it comes from another port, too), or from Output to Input (feed it back to the router and the processing engine). This will facilitate many connection issues!
  • Improved Serial Ports: your serial port settings are now stored in the project file, and the MIDI-over-serial feature has been greatly improved.

The best thing is: all these new features will also come to the BomeBox with a firmware upgrade! At NAMM, we’ve shown a smartphone running TouchOSC directly connected to the BomeBox via its built-in WiFi, where we’ve been running an MT Pro project translating the OSC messages to MIDI, and playing a synthesizer connected via 5-pin DIN. No computer necessary for your performance!

Also, we will post an interim update of MT Pro to fix a few compatibility issues with macOS “Sierra” 10.12.

Florian and the Bome team

PS: check out some impressions of our NAMM booth on our Facebook page.

Bome MIDI Translator Pro 1.8.1 / BomeBox is Out!

We have just released version 1.8.1 of Bome MIDI Translator Pro — with long-awaited new features and numerous bugs fixes *)

Moreover, our first hardware product, the BomeBox, is shipping! It is a versatile MIDI router, with USB, MIDI DIN, Ethernet, and WiFi connections. And the icing on the cake: you can load your MIDI Translator Pro projects into the box and it’ll run them with all your MIDI mappings, routes, timers,… without the need of a computer: MIDI Translator Pro in a box! Check it out.

If you own a license of MIDI Translator Pro, please register or log in to download the latest version. Otherwise, download the trial version for Windows and macOS now!

Florian and the Bome Team

*) improvements:

  • Tray / menu bar icon
  • Keystroke Input action: added Key Sequence and Text modes
  • Keystroke Action: enter special keys using a list (media keys, Alt-Down, Alt-Up, etc.)
  • Improved keyboard navigation and screen reader support
  • Improved command line usage
  • Windows: screen reader support
  • 100% compatible with previous project files

Full version history…

BomeBox is Shipping

We’re extremely happy to announce availability of the BomeBox™ in our web shop. It has come a long way, but this is just the start!

Our introductory offer for the first production batch is €199 (approx. US$225) plus shipping, so get it while supplies last!

Now we’re thrilled to watch the BomeBox ecosystem grow in studios, stages, theaters… Let us know your experiences and questions in the web forum or via email. We also have an extensive FAQ.

Think inside the box!
The Bome team — Florian, Georg, Magnus, Jared, Andi, Whit, Lioba, Linda

BomeBox Certified!

We’re very happy to report that the BomeBox has finally received EMI certification (FCC, etc.). We had to slightly modify the circuitry, but we were able to keep the full functionality.

Right now we’re sorting out the last bits for the first production run scheduled for July/August, with public availability afterwards.

We’ll keep you posted!
Florian and the Bome team

BomeBox Update

For many months we’re ready to start production, and I wish we’d be able to tell you better news. But we’re having continued problems passing FCC/ce certification. Our main headache is that the test results are inconsistent. On the other hand, I’ve been told that many manufacturers have gone through such problems…”welcome to the club” 🙂
I have a very experienced electronics engineer working on it and we’re optimistic to eventually pass the tests!

On the photo you can see the test lab. Barely visible is a BomeBox on the table.

All the best,

EMI Test January 2016
EMI Test January 2016

Bome unveils BomeBox

We’re happy to present the BomeBox, a small friendly box to connect devices via MIDI, USB, Ethernet, and WiFi, using the full mapping and processing power of Bome MIDI Translator Pro. Check it out at the NAMM Show 2015 in booth #1086 (hall E)!

Product Page:

Press Release:

Florian and the Bome team!