MIDI Translator Classic

Bome MIDI Translator Classic is the smaller sister of MIDI Translator Pro. It has the same powerful MIDI processing engine, but can only convert MIDI messages to other MIDI messages, or to keystrokes. Also, the rules and conditional MIDI translation are not available with the Classic Edition.

The Classic Edition is only available for Windows and it will not evolve anymore. It is free for personal use.

Features Overview

Bome MIDI Translator Classic provides an easy to use interface for defining your translator definitions.


  • MIDI-to-MIDI conversion
  • MIDI-to-keystroke mapping
  • organize mappings in presets
  • create own presets
  • exchange presets with other Midi Translator users

Need more features?

  • MIDI Translator Pro: additional translations like keystroke-to-MIDI, and powerful possibilities with timers and rules to manipulate data and events.
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(V1.6.1 from Feb 08, 2008, 2.2MB)

Commercial users are asked to purchase a license (see below).

Purchase Process

The order process is handled by ShareIt! / MyCommerce / Digital River a reliable and secure service for online software purchases. You can purchase directly on their secure web server, or choose among several different offline payment options.

After a reasonable trial period, you are asked to purchase Bome MIDI Translator Classic. There are 2 possibilities:

  • Pay the license fee:
    Pay the license fee of 29 euros (approx. US$ 32 ) and receive the license key.You can pay online using secure credit card transactions. Other means of payment are available, too. Commercial users (i.e. anyone making money using the software) can only acquire a license through payment.
  • Send a postcard:
    For private users, this alternate method of payment is available. Please allow 4-10 weeks for delivery and processing of the postcard. See the Postcardware page for more details. Commercial users cannot purchase Bome MIDI Translator Classic by sending a postcard.
In both cases, you'll receive a license key which removes the purchase reminder at start up.
Site licenses and deployment on shared or public computers require a separate license agreement. Please contact the author for details.