There are different options to get Bome MIDI Translation Technology:

  • Pro: The complete MIDI Translation solution with editor and processing engine.
  • Classic: This is a reduced version of the Pro edition. It is free for personal use.
  • OEM/Player: We offer custom packages for OEM customers including a runtime edition (MT Player) with full feature set but without editor. Available with OEM licensing only.
  • Bome SDK: Get a Bome SDK to use Bome’s MIDI technology in your software.

Compare features

Classic 1.6.1
Pro 1.9 OEM/Player
Create/Edit Projects (.bmtp files)  
Incoming Action: MIDI messages
Incoming Action: MIDI Port  
Incoming Action: Application Focus  
Incoming Action: keystroke  
Incoming Action: timer message  
Incoming Action: Serial Port  
Incoming Action: Project changes  
Incoming Action: Preset changes  
Incoming Action: Perform  
Outgoing Action: MIDI messages
Outgoing Action: MIDI Port  
Outgoing Action: MIDI Router  
Outgoing Action: keystroke emulation
Outgoing Action: mouse emulation  
Outgoing Action: switch preset
Outgoing Action: enable/disable preset
Outgoing Action: define/stop timer  
Outgoing Action: execute program/open document  
Outgoing Action: Serial Port  
Outgoing Action: Application Focus  
Outgoing Action: AppleScript (macOS only)  
Outgoing Action: Perform  
Specify a delay for Outgoing Actions  
Scripting/Rules/Conditional Execution  
Use multiple MIDI ports  
MIDI messages as hex strings
Select MIDI messages by type  
14-bit MIDI controllers  
Define MIDI Port Aliases  
Virtual MIDI ports  
MIDI Router (editable THRU connections)  
Unlimited Translators per Preset
Unlimited Presets per Project
Log Window  
Open regular .bmtp files  
Open signed .bmtp files
Open encrypted .bmte files    
Free for personal use    
Commercial License price EUR 29 EUR 59 Contact