Bome Network now available on iPhone and iPad

Bome Network on iPhone and iPad


Our popular MIDI networking and routing tool is now available in the Apple App Store!

Wireless MIDI workflow without a Computer

Connect your iPad or iPhone to the BomeBox’ built-in WiFi: now all MIDI gear plugged into the BomeBox can be used with and from your mobile device.
Or access the BomeBox(es) via an existing WiFi hub using WiFi or Ethernet.

Simplicity with Security

From the ground up, we’ve designed Bome Network to be very simple to use. BomeBoxes and devices running Bome Network are auto-discovered and listed on the main screen in Bome Network. To create a MIDI pairing, simply click on Connect (simple!), then confirm the pairing on the other device (secure!).

Background Mode

Enable Background Mode in the app, and now you can freely switch to other MIDI apps on your iPhone/iPad and use all your virtual MIDI ports set up in Bome Network.
Note: Background Mode uses more battery, so it’s recommended to turn off background mode when you’re done using network MIDI.

Screenshot Remote Direct MIDI


With Bome Network, you only need to set up pairings once and then they will stay! Re-establishing your stage setup is as simple as powering up all involved devices and you’re done.
Note: on iPhone and iPad, you need to manually start the Bome network app after a restart, because there is no auto-start functionality…

Remote Direct MIDI

Use any USB-MIDI and MIDI-DIN devices connected to the BomeBox on your mobile device. Each selected device appears as an own virtual MIDI IN/MIDI OUT pair which you can use in any MIDI-enabled iOS app.

Powerful Add-Ons

The iOS/iPadOS app has the same additional features as the desktop application for MacOS and Windows. The Bome Network Pro add-on (for purchase) allows for direct MIDI connections to other iPhones/iPads/computers running Bome Network. And the Unlimited Named MIDI Ports add-on lets you create additional virtual MIDI ports on the mobile device for use in the integrated MIDI router.

Download on the AppStore

That’s all for today. Stay safe and healthy!
Florian and the Bome crew

Triple Update: Bome MIDI Translator Pro, Bome Network, and BomeBox firmware

Hey everyone,
to celebrate the last day of May is MIDI Month, we’re doing a triple update! Oh, and regarding May is MIDI Month: this year’s fund raiser for the Children’s Music Fund raised more than $30,000! We are very very happy to have been a part of this as silver sponsor.

Bome MIDI Translator Pro 1.9

This new version allows for even more dynamic control on desktop (Windows and macOS) and in the BomeBox:

  • new Application Focus action: dynamic processing depending which other application is currently active
  • new MIDI Router action: modify MIDI routing on the fly
  • new MIDI Port action: dynamic processing depending on plugging in or unplugging MIDI devices
  • improved integration with the YouTube video tutorials
  • enhanced keystroke emulation options
  • more global variables (now 710 in total)
  • and much more…

Full Version History

This update is free for owners​ of a Bome MIDI Translator Pro license. Please download the new version in your account:
Bome Account
(if you don’t have an account, just create one)

A free trial version and more information is available here:
Download Trial

Bome Network 1.4

Organize all your network MIDI devices! The all new user interface for Bome Network gives you much better control over your Bome MIDI network, including BomeBoxes and other computers. Plus these new features:

  • Feature: Remote Direct MIDI ports
  • Feature: MIDI Router
  • Feature: Unlimited Named MIDI Ports as an Add-On (for purchase)
  • Enhancement: Dark Mode support
  • Enhancement: configurable prefix/suffix for virtual port names
  • Enhancement: integrate Connect to IP into main host list
  • Native Apple Silicon support on M1 Macs
  • macOS 10.7-10.9 supported with legacy version

Download Bome Network

BomeBox Firmware 1.5

This is a free download for BomeBox owners and adds a number of new features:

  • new MIDI processing capabilities (see MIDI Translator Pro update above)
  • remote access to each MIDI device connected to the BomeBox (see Bome Network update above)
  • connect up to 32 USB devices using USB hubs (previous limit was 8)
  • many smaller improvements and fixes

Update BomeBox Firmware

Bome Forum

We love to hear from you! If you have any questions or suggestions, please post in our modern forum:

Happy MIDI translations!

Florian and the Bome team

PS: still more updates to come soon!