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bome software

Restorator is the Bome flagship product and has been used for resource editing since 1997. Continuous development based on user feedback made this application the leader in application customization software.

“I think it is remarkable to think someone out here in our WORLD has thought of doing such a wonderful program…. I really think this is a wonderful product… I am going to start customizing all my software…. […] Had I been in your shoes I don’t think I would have developed such a versatile Tool. This program is GREAT!”
Dan C.
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Resource Editing

Restorator is an award-winning utility for editing Windows resources in applications and their components; e.g. files with .exe, .dll, .res, .rc, and .dcr, extensions (see PE files and RES files in the manual).

“It’s a must have softie for anyone who has even a small amount of curiosity, and mainly creativity.” [full review on download3k.com]


“And the really cool thing is: With Restorator you need NO technical knowledge of program’s internals to do it. The world SHOULD run like this.” [full review on 3d2f.com]