User Contributions

User Contributions

This area lists downloads and other contributions from users of Bome’s Mouse Keyboard.

If you have made chords, knobs, or other downloads for Mouse Keyboard and you want to share it with other users, send it to Bome!

A quick start

A quick start guide PDF (adapted from the readme file) by Maury Kaplan, Jr.

Custom Chords

A user of Bome’s Mouse Keyboard provided this chord file with 45 new chords to be used with Bome’s Mouse Keyboard 2 in conjunction with a soundcard from Creamware.

Full list of new chords:

Dominant 7th Minor Major 7th Sus 4 Sus 2 6
Minor 6 9 Minor 9 Major 9 Minor Major 9
11 Minor 11 Major 11 Minor Major 11 13
Minor 13 Major 13 Minor Major 13 add 9 Minor add 9
6 add 9 Minor 6 add 9 Dominant 7th add 11 Major 7th add 11 Minor 7th add 11
Minor Major 7th add 11 Dominant 7th add 13 Major 7th add 13 Minor 7th add 13 Minor Major 7th add 13
7b5 7#5 7b9 7#9 7#5b9
m7b5 m7#5 m7b9 9#11 9b13
6sus4 7sus4 Major 7th sus4 9sus4 Major 9 sus4


  1. Download the chord file (right-click on it and choose Save Target As):
    Full_Keyboard_Chords.ini = 45 chords total

  2. In Bome’s Mouse Keyboard, use the menu File|Import|Chords to import the downloaded chord file
  3. Follow the following screenshots:

Provided by: Laurent — Thanks a lot!