MIDI Translator Pro Testimonials

Here are some unsolicited statements from users of Bome MIDI Translator:

“It's a fantastic tool, thanks a lot!”

“Thanks for making such a nice program.”
R. Mekic

“Thank you very much for creating such a useful and clever software!”
F. Mancini

“Thank you for your wonderful MIDI Translator. It makes my Roland MKS-80 a supersynth!”
R. Schardt

“Very cool program.”
D. Plante

“Keep up the good work and thanks a lot for the great MIDI Translator.”

“Exellent software!”
C. Cicioiu

“Your program is super!”

“I have been using MIDI Translator for a month and I think it's great.”

“Smart program!”

“Thank you very much for the cool application!”
H. Grete

“Once again, thank you for making such a nice program.”
Rafko M.

“Bome MIDI Translator is a fantastic piece of software. I can now do everything I want with my foot controller.”
L. Ponce

“Your software is just wonderful.”
L. Ponce

“Nuff Respect”
DJ Fresha

“It is a very nice tool. Thank you for producing and publishing MT !!!”
S. Meiers

“Great piece of software you have written. I am very grateful.”
B. Waterson

“I find it easier to program drum patterns live rather than with clicking on a mouse and have the crowd thinking I'm checking my email on stage. Hee Hee.”
Patrick DSP

“I've just tried the MIDI Translator Pro software and it's just awesome!”
Daniel B.

“Heard from DJ Fresha that he got the Behringer BCD2000 to work with Traktor using MIDi Translator Pro. Thanks a lot for the software!”
Jens B.

“Great Program. I love it!”
Carlos V.

“I use Bome MIDI Translator Pro to use my Behringer BCD2000 in Traktor. In particular the joywheels. It's a fine tool.”
Marius L.

“I'm very interested in your MIDI Translator Pro, because this would be the solution to get the BCD2000 work on Traktor!”
Ferdinand v. W.

“Ingenuity has a name: MIDI Translator!”

“Finally I can teach my MIDI gear bavarian!”

“Happy to see many improvements. Timers are definitely very cool, and I like the "always active" profile.”

“The software is the best thing ever, i haven't stopped tinkering with it since i bought it and i still think i'm only just scratching the surface...”
Darren C.

“Thanks for the quick response. Fantastic software by the way.”
Justin D.

“[...] time to tell you how integral your work has been in enabling me to pull off an otherwise impossible project. MIDI Translator is one amazing piece of software.”
Max O.

“I've only used Translator for less than an hour so far, but it was very easy and intuitive and I look forward to [...] using it much more often in the future. Thanks again for the great support.”
Norb S.

“I've been rockin MT with Ableton for a while now and can't wait to perform with it.”

“It's absolutely nuts what you can do with it.”

“I'm so very, very impressed with your software...it enables the user to execute so many tasks that simply aren't possible with any other single software package.”
Gary M.

“In my opinion, Bome's MIDI Translator is truly a must-have piece of software for any serious MIDI-musician.”
Gary M.

“I constantly get more excited about using MIDI Translator. I feel like I've only scratched the surface so far, but I'm already achieving groundbreaking results :)”

“Your software has become an integral component in my home studio setup.”
J. Grace

“Computers should be made to do what we want them to do... gracefully, and MT is right on!”

“[MIDI Translator] enables me to take advantage of various pro apps in ways previously unimaginable.”
J. Grace

“Guys i can't tell you how amazed i am at what bomes can do for the APC, who needs Max4Live?”
S4racen (in the forums)

“I'll be using the software on stage next week for the first time, so I'm happy you guys care so much about this :)”
I. Thompson

“[...] they always ask me what my favorite bits of kit are, and my answer is always the same. It's all about my Bome software and a few strategically placed midi controllers.”
J. Grace

“As I said before it's a dream come true.”
I. Thompson

“Without MIDI Translator I (and others) would have left the BCD2000 in the closet gathering dust... watch out for an update template for Traktor Pro with the BCD2000... glad to help out other digital-djs.... without your software, where would we be? Keep up the good work!”

“Guys i can't tell you how amazed i am at what bomes can do for the APC, who needs Max4Live?”
S4racen (in the forums)

“An exceptional bang for the buck.”
J. Grace

“MIDI Translator is a really cool software!”
Christian F.

“Let me tell you all of this hardware wouldn't work without your awesome program. It's so so so cool. It works perfectly for me.”
Luis Moreno

“...can kick novation automap in the trash, after using MIDI Translator for just two days...”
Christian F.

“The software has been running like a dream from the moment I purchased it (had some time off work and have been using it for 11 hours per day for 3 weeks straight - no problems.)”
Jon B.

“Wonderful software. Very well done...”
Jon B.

“Thanks a lot for making this tool, it's heaven sent.”

“This is a badass piece of software you've made.”
Rev. Jude

“When I explain MIDI Translator to my buddies, and show them what the software does, it blows their minds.”
Rev. Jude

“I am in love with your software. [...] i've been able to create a template for propellerheads record so i hardly EVER have to use the mouse/keyboard... I am blown away.”
James H.

“Best MIDI software ever made!!!”

“A real liberator.”
Dominic C.

“Fundamentally it is a fantastic piece of software, very elegantly designed, and made a potentially complex problem quite easy to solve.”
Dominic C.

“It is a fantastic product, great manual made the whole complex affair painless.”
Dominic C.

“Your software is the most important management node of my show.”
Frank B.

“Bome MIDI Translator Pro has totally changed the way I perform music live and work in the studio.”
Eero P.

“Between the power of MIDI Translator Pro and the support in the forums, I feel like I can get any piece of gear to do what I want.”
mattz (in the forums)

“Absolutely love the MIDI Translator Pro. It's such a fantastic and well built program.”
Tom B.

“We needed a solution that translated key strokes from a USB arcade button encoder to MIDI notes to trigger lighting software cues. Bome MIDI translator Pro filled the gap perfectly!”
Thomas K.

“It's extremely easy to use and very stable... Couldn't be happier. Customer support is fantastic as well!”
Thomas K.

“The software is fantastic and it is working out great for us.”
Thomas K.

“I'm ever grateful for MIDI Translator Pro, which has made it possible to create the instrument I've dreamt of for a long time.”
Gabriel S.

“It's not often I install a trial program, use it for less than five minutes then reach for my credit card for the full version but that's precisely what MIDI Translator just made me do. All my hardware synths routed to one controller, all the MIDI clock sorted instantly, thank you very much!”
J. Francis