Version History

Here, you can see the features and fixes for each version of Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

Version 1.9.1

Minimum OS versions: Windows 7, macOS 10.10

New Features

  • New Action: Perform: Directly trigger Incoming Actions from an Outgoing action and pass parameters along.
  • Rules: ELSE statement: an alternative path for IF statements, and can combine with ELSE IF.
  • HighDPI support (high resolution look & feel), with option to scale the entire user interface. Either OS default or a custom zoom up to 300%.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • enhancement: macOS: universal for intel and Apple Silicon (M1/M2/M3) (since build 1060)
  • enhancement: keep on displaying log window selection when focus moves somewhere else
  • enhancement: do not force-show error message tab, but mark the tab in red
  • enhancement: allow hex variable dump (Ctrl+Click)
  • enhancement: improved Rules editor
  • enhancement: improved minimized/maximized/tray/menubar handling
  • enhancement: after showing “minimized to tray” notification 3 times, disable it
  • enhancement: in Demo mode, variable tt is set to 1 in Project Start incoming trigger
  • enhancement: improved compatibility with dark mode of menubar icon on Mac
  • enhancement: improved logging to file
  • enhancement: use date+time instead of timestamp in log files
  • enhancement: more robust MIDI route setup, optimized MIDI routing performance
  • enhancement: add Verbose checkbox to Log Window
  • enhancement: MIDI Simple Editor: Channel number drop-down: display “Channel 1” first, then as a secondary info, the 0-based number.
  • enhancement: controller names
  • enhancement: Timer Delay is now named Timer Duration
  • enhancement: larger select preset by name box in incoming/outgoing preset actions (since build 1060)
  • enhancement: do not jump up and down when editing sys ex / raw MIDI message (since build 1060)
  • enhancement: event monitor: use LEDs with higher contrast (since build 1060)
  • bugfix: macOS on Apple Silicon: freeze when quitting the program, and sometimes also when starting (since build 1064)
  • bugfix: macOS: crash when using with multiple monitors (since build 1060)
  • bugfix: macOS: crash when starting up with project using Text keystroke type (since build 1060)
  • bugfix: macOS: disable user-adjustable UI Zoom factor (because not functional) (since build 1060)
  • bugfix: fix variable dump for variables z0-z9
  • bugfix: faster and more robust discovery of MIDI devices
  • bugfix: in rare situations, MIDI port state is stale in MIDI port lists
  • bugfix: “don’t ask again” for MIDI Alias assignments is not remembered
  • bugfix: freeze at start-up while loading big project file and incoming MIDI messages
  • bugfix: execute file action: file name with ^ or # in the filename is not executed.
  • bugfix: Project Close action is not always triggered when shutting down MT Pro
  • bugfix: Outgoing Action Preset select box is greyed out and empty: Start MT Pro,create presets, create translator, outgoing action Preset.
  • bugfix: MIDI discovery macOS: USB virtual cables should be index “in order”, not in seemingly random order
  • bugfix: do not process incoming MIDI events while loading project file
  • bugfix: volume up/down keystroke emulation does not work on macOS

Version 1.9

New Actions

  • Active Application
    Incoming: triggered when a given program is activated/focused/put in foreground
    Outgoing: make the given program front most and focus it
  • MIDI Router
    Outgoing: create/remove/enable/disable MIDI routes dynamically as outgoing action
  • MIDI Port
    Incoming: react on MIDI devices getting plugged in or getting unplugged
    Outgoing: reconfigure dynamically which MIDI ports to use — assign or unassign MIDI port aliases.
  • Project
    Incoming: on Project Close (triggered when closing the project, or quitting MT Pro)

New Features

  • Improved Keystroke Action:
    • new mode: Shortcut
    • option to swap Command with Ctrl when loaded on macOS
    • option to slow down keystroke emulation (for target programs that cannot react fast enough on incoming keystrokes)
    • paste text into Keystroke Text field
  • MIDI Router: enable or disable MIDI routes
  • more global variables:
    ga…gz,g0…g9,…z9 (excluding 10 local variables oo..xx): 710 total global variables.
  • new Rule: write text to Log:
    Log "this text will appear in the Log Window. var pp=%pp%"
  • new command line parameters:
    -setVar <var> <value>
    Set Variable <var> to the value <value>. <value> can be decimal, or hexadecimal with 0x prefix, or a variable name. Also useful with the -noshow parameter.
    -triggerTimer <timerName>>
    Triggers the given timer immediately, once.
  • set custom project properties like web site, youtube channel, etc.
  • Log Window: quick filter

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • improved look & feel
  • enhancement: keyboard shortcut for “Restart Project”: Shift+Ctrl+R (Windows) / Shift+Command+R (MacOS) (build 2022)
  • bugfix: loading a project file with variables in the x range in Rules is causing errors: xa=0 xb=0 (build 2022)
  • bugfix: entering an invalid rule of the form if g0==10 then xx= will cause issues (build 2022)
  • bugfix: the selection color of invalid text in Rules portion stays red, so you cannot see that it’s highlighted (build 2022)
  • bugfix: on rare occasions, alias assignments are not always saved (build 2022)
  • tray icon: added menu command for minimize (build 2022)
  • bugfix: Windows: emulating mouse movement by one pixel to left or up will not move the mouse (build 1020)
  • bugfix: incoming keystroke type Shortcut should not trigger if additional modifiers are held down (build 1020)
  • bugfix: closing current project and then adding a translator with incoming keystroke: incoming keystrokes don’t work anymore (build 1020)
  • bugfix: single keystroke only works every second time if it also deactivates current preset (build 1020)
  • macOS: new setting to display keystroke modifiers with the Mac icons
  • clickable URLs in Project Properties
  • detect Tutorial video URLs and ask if to show the video in a browser
  • include video tutorial demo project files
  • when loading a window position, don’t center on all monitors but on parent window
  • keep pop-up windows on the monitor where MT’s main window is showing
  • Windows: on pressing the window X button, ask if to minimize, quit, or cancel
  • macOS: when pressing the window X button, hide window
  • make the reference octave for middle C configurable (see MIDI action and settings dialog)
  • improved screen reader compatibility (ensure focused elements are fully visible)
  • performance improvements in the internal MIDI engine
  • bugfix macOS: fix emulating single modifier keys
  • bugfix: do not allow deleting aliases that are used in project
  • bugfix: bmtp files have CRLF in the warning at beginning, but LF for the rest
  • bugfix Windows: loading filename with cyrillic letters from command line
  • bugfix: after creating a new preset, it does not appear in Preset Action’s drop-down list
  • bugfix macOS: Ctrl-M is captured as Ctrl-Return
  • bugfix macOS: Num Enter is captured as normal Return
  • bugfix: Empty Presets cannot be duplicated
  • bugfix: Keystroke Action: switching from KeyDown or KeyUp to PhysicalKeystroke will not allow to enter a sequence (only a single keystroke).
  • bugfix: MIDI action capture box: in right-click menu, Raw MIDI does not work, while it works when clicking the gear icon
  • bugfix: if “only display project MIDI ports” is checked, MIDI Router shows Alias AND assigned device.
  • bugfix: if both alias and corresponding real port are checked in a preset, unchecking the real port will mark the alias as “pending (error)”
  • bugfix: allow 0x00 in serial action ASCII string

Version 1.8.4

Note: Version 1.8.4 is the last version to be supported on 32-bit intel MacOS computers (2007 and earlier). Newer versions require a 64-bit macOS.

New Features

  • Multi-monitor support for mouse emulation: target specific display number, or the global “virtual” desktop
  • Mix&Match Modifiers: modifier keys like shift/control/command now also work globally on macOS. You can mix & match emulated modifiers with “physical” keystrokes and mouse buttons (that has already worked on Windows)
  • MPE Support: new dedicated MIDI message type: MPE Configuration Message
  • HUI Ping message: new dedicated MIDI message type: HUI Ping
  • Raw MIDI action: now you can format it in a multi-line edit field
  • Preset Comments: enter arbitrary comments in every preset
  • Windows: Hi-DPI support for mouse emulation
  • RawMIDI to SimpleMIDI converter in MIDI menu: use it to convert your entire project. It converts single messages with up to 3 bytes.
  • Automatic Virtual Ports: when loading a project, detect virtual ports used in the project and offer to adjust the number of installed virtual ports as needed. New option in settings dialog.
  • MacOS 10.15 Catalina support (build 962)

Bug fixes

  • fixed: loading a project with square brackets [ or ] in filename causes problems
  • fixed: -multiinstance parameter was ignored when given as first parameter
  • fixed: crash when using % in certain names
  • fixed: problem when loading preset change action when preset name has a space at the end of the name
  • fixed: focus jump when a field inside an edit section was focused, or when switching between simple and raw MIDI
  • fixed: when renaming a preset in editor panel, it’ll be renamed to “(unnamed)” when removing all letters
  • fixed: under certain conditions, creating an action from scratch (AppleScript, SerialPort) might not work
  • fixed: edit preset name, then add a translator via T+ button: the new translator should now be focused and in “edit name” mode in the translator list, but it’s not.
  • fixed: change (N)RPN reception logic: allow both LSB first or MSB first. Do not reset on reception of MSB Param.
  • fixed: cannot re-use MIDI capture selection when translator changes
  • fixed: MIDI lists are not immediately updated when device state changes
  • fixed: adding a MIDI alias by typing into the alias list text field will add it, but clear the text field afterwards.
  • fixed: crash when executing an malformed outgoing raw MIDI message like “F0 h1 0h F7”
  • fixed: when checking a project/preset/translator MIDI port, the current selection in the MIDI port list is cleared
  • fixed: when renaming a serial port alias with SerialMIDI port, the corresponding MIDI port is not renamed
  • fixed: macOS: cannot use Num1 for Keystroke Input
  • fixed: selecting a special key in keystroke action will not update translator list
  • fixed: Outgoing Keystroke log text in Log Window does not say which keystroke is emulated
  • fixed: macOS: capturing mouse position yields wrong values for y coordinate
  • fixed: AppleScript does not work when using Unicode letters (umlauts) in AppleScript code
  • fixed: erroneous error message “ignored tag: Script” when loading a project with AppleScript (this was just a cosmetic bug)
  • fixed: in Rules, cannot use value -2147483648
  • fixed: Windows installer: all virtual MIDI ports are reset to one misnamed virtual port
  • fixed: Windows installer: URL’s are not shown (.url shortcut does not always work on Windows 10)
  • fixed: Order of auto-aliases Bome Virtual Port X is synchronized with order of underlying virtual ports (build 962)

Minor Changes

  • AppleScript action: include description in log message in Log Window
  • AppleScript action: hide handler name in an advanced section, plus warning text
  • MIDI port lists: non-existing ports are displayed in gray
  • MIDI port lists: edit aliases on double-click (in previous versions that was: open/close port)
  • MIDI ports and serial ports are strictly only opened when in use by project, closed otherwise. No way anymore to manually open/close ports
  • display disabled checkboxes and radiobuttons in gray
  • double click in MIDI Capture list to close capture
  • enable undo/redo in AppleScript text editor
  • Enhanced macOS installer: double-click the MIDI Translator Pro icon in the DMG window. Detect fresh install / upgrade / re-install / downgrade and prompt for sensible actions.
  • using the mouse wheel on a closed drop down will scroll the underlying panel
  • replace old virtual MIDI port names (from MIDI Translator Pro 1.7.2 or older) during loading
  • when MT is minimized to tray, and another instance is started, show the main screen
  • when a device can be opened and a “pending” error message was shown earlier, show a message that the device became available now
  • Windows installer: don’t allow installation on Windows XP
  • by default, main window will not minimize to tray / menubar icon (but to task bar / dock)
  • macOS 10.13 and later: if the project is simulating keystrokes or mouse, show an error message if MT Pro is not selected for Assistive Device Access
  • macOS: minimum required version is now 10.7
  • new layout for preset change action
  • no more instructions texts in Simple MIDI panels
  • trial version: added button “enter license key” to the demo splash screen, and a corresponding menu item. When clicked, it merely instructs the user to download and install the full version.
  • updated look of timer action panels
  • improved look&feel on HiDPI / retina screens

Version 1.8.3


  • option to set high contrast schemes for vision impaired users
  • MIDI capture: options for raw capture and/or filter out timing messages.
  • macOS Mouse Action: allow to capture mouse position
  • keystroke input/output: improved compatibility with international keyboards
  • macOS: improved balloon tips (in menu bar)
  • macOS: 64-bit only
  • improved protection against data loss (when saving project files, and for loading/saving settings)
  • improved MIDI compatibility with Bome virtual ports
  • MIDI action: allow “set variable” even if not “any value”
  • do not auto-close triangles in MIDI editor
  • increased Log Window scrollback buffer
  • Log Window: stop scrolling when pressing down with mouse
  • double-click on a line in Log Window to select that translator
  • MIDI Router: display aliases in italics
  • new improved look&feel
  • newly designed event monitor
  • show main window when a new instance is started
  • macOS: improved AppleScript Editor
  • display line number in Rules Editor
  • maintain log file in temp folder for trouble-shooting
  • performance optimizations
  • robustness improvements
  • improved MIDI parser

Bug Fixes

  • paste translators or presets into a different instance of MT Pro
  • serial action: fix crash if Number message with many single-digit numbers
  • serial port: fix sending data to serial port alias
  • serial incoming action could cause an infinite loop under certain conditions
  • selecting a “pending” MIDI device will show an empty error message
  • when inspecting an outgoing infinite timer action, and then switching to a translator with a one-shot outgoing timer, it will still show infinite.
  • MIDI action may display wrong values at start-up
  • inserting a rule with rules wizard will sometimes add a blank line

Version 1.8.2

  • full macOS Sierra 10.12 support (fix crash when saving)
  • bugfix: entering MIDI note number in MIDI action without pressing ENTER caused inconsistent settings
  • Windows: bugfix SaveAs Window could be hidden behind main window
  • Windows: fixed vanished tray icon
  • Windows: improved target window identification for injected events
  • bugfix: allow timers with specific number of repetitions and 0ms delay
  • improved serial port support:
    • bugfix: using multiple different variables in incoming serial port action
    • serial port settings can be done on serial port aliases
    • SerialMIDI can be activated on serial port aliases
    • SerialMIDI setting is stored in project file
    • added command line parameters -assignSerialPortAlias and -delSerialPortAlias
  • macOS: fix emulation of double (and triple) clicks
  • safeguards for settings file:
    • create backups
    • if settings file is missing, use backup
    • maintain log file
  • other minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.8.1

Major Improvements

  • Tray / menu bar icon
  • Keystroke Input action: added Key Sequence and Text modes
  • Keystroke Action: enter special keys using a list (media keys, Alt-Down, Alt-Up, etc.)
  • Windows: compatibility with screen readers
  • Improved keyboard navigation with TAB, F6, and Ctrl-0…Ctrl-8
  • Only run one instance of MT Pro (can be turned off in settings)
  • Command line parameters are sent to a running first instance (if MT Pro is running already)

Minor Improvements

  • new option: option: start minimized
  • new settings function: “Reset All Settings”
  • new settings function: “Remove all Aliases”
  • serial port settings are remembered even if serial port action is not used in preset
  • MIDI Router: can now select routes using keystrokes
  • new keyboard shortcut: F5 for opening/closing side panel
  • new keyboard shortcut: F7 for focusing property editor (right side panel)
  • added setting “ignore incoming keystrokes if MT is active”
  • added function to remove license key from computer (Help menu and license key screen)
  • do not ask “do you want to open this port” when checking an alias or when creating a route

Bug Fixes

  • now MT Pro does not change focus when selecting next/previous translator with Ctrl-N/Ctrl-M
  • if main window is minimized, “Select MIDI Devices” and other dialogs were not shown
  • mouse click only worked with 1st button
  • MIDI Router: editing routes did not work with a Wacom tablet
  • Windows: saving to a folder with international letters did not work
  • project was marked as “modified” when just editing an alias
  • export/import settings could crash
  • OS X: incompatibility with Ecamm plugins could lead to crash
  • OS X: sometimes, settings would not be saved (now stored in user’s library folder)
  • Windows: relative mouse movement with 1 pixel sometimes wouldn’t move the mouse
  • open file dialog: now lists only MT project files
  • incoming MIDI action: if you specified “pp qq rr” as incoming action, “D0 71 90 34 7F” would not trigger. Now it triggers 90 34 7F.
  • SkipNextRule/SkipNext2Rules did not ignore comment lines
  • OS X: “document modified” mark in the red close button does not vanish after saving
  • OS X: MT Pro did not appear in Launchpad
  • gracefully handle serial port errors (e.g. unsupported bit sizes)
  • Keystroke Action key editor: ignore repeated keys when pressing key for a long time

Version 1.8.0

Note: Version 1.8.0 is the last version to be supported on Windows XP

New Features and Major Improvements:

  • User Interface:
    • Windows: single window user interface (as known from OS X)
    • modern look & feel
  • Serial Port support:
    • incoming and outgoing actions
    • use serial ports as MIDI port
    • can define serial port aliases
  • No need to install Java
  • MIDI:
    • simple actions: select MIDI message by type
    • direct support for 14-bit controllers and (N)RPN messages
    • Sys Ex messages are specified as hexadecimal string as before
    • Windows: fix potential deadlock when flooding input and output ports at the same time
    • improve handling of “pending” MIDI ports — will always be opened when they become available
    • faster and improved plug/unplug detection
  • Virtual MIDI ports:
    • improved naming
    • allow short names (optional): BMT 1, BMT 2, …
    • up to 9 virtual ports
  • OS X: AppleScript support
    • Outgoing Action
    • Global AppleScript handlers
    • can retrieve/set MT global variables from AppleScript
  • Keystroke Emulation:
    • new mode “Text Output”
    • Windows: inject keystrokes (target window does not need to be active)
    • improved support for international keyboards
  • Rules:
    • new operators: % (modulo), << (shift left), and >> (shift right)
    • allow comments and empty lines
    • mark errors directly in editor
    • undo/redo in rules editor
  • performance improvements

Minor Improvements:

  • User Interface:
    • remember all window sizes and layout
    • only one edit menu and edit buttons for Translator and Preset
    • hover + button for presets and translators
    • improved mouse wheel scrolling in editor
  • improved keyboard usage / shortcuts
  • bugfix: empty translator name will sometimes result in corrupted .bmtp file
  • bugfix: copy/paste translators
  • OS X: digital signature now compatible with OS X Yosemite
  • bugfix: Execute File action now correctly works with documents
  • Execute File action can be used to directly open .bmtp files
  • improved MIDI device discovery and recovery
  • MIDI:
    • device list has right-click drop-down menu
    • allow deleting aliases and pending ports
    • improved keyboard support in device list and MIDI capture
    • allow filtering active sensing and timing messages (context menu of midi port list)
    • allow setting the associated device of an alias to “do not ask”
    • bugfix: receiving sys ex from some USB-MIDI interfaces on OS X
  • Mouse Outgoing action:
    • Windows: inject mouse events (target windows does not need to be active)
    • Windows: capture position
    • specify position for clicks
  • MIDI Router: option to only display opened MIDI ports
  • change logic for swallow: only swallow, if incoming action triggers AND rules do not skip outgoing action
  • new command line parameters
  • auto start setting

Removed from Windows Version:

  • removed outgoing action “WM_ message”
  • removed tray icon (might come back in future version)”

Version 1.7.2 (OS X Release)

From now on, the OS X version has the same feature set as the Windows version.

New features:

  • specify a delay for Outgoing Actions
  • mouse movement/clicks as Outgoing Action
  • display summary of action when collapsed in right edit panel

Bug fixes:

  • bugfix: copy/paste translators/presets in a text editor/web forum
  • bugfix: sending compound MIDI commands with intermixed short MIDI messages and Sys Ex
  • other stability and performance improvements

Version 1.7.2 (Windows Release)

  • Same features for OS X and Windows
  • specify a delay for Outgoing Actions
  • use variables in mouse outgoing action
  • new user manual
  • in MIDI device list, MIDI port aliases are in italics
  • added automatic aliases (e.g. “Bome Virtual Port 1”) for each virtual port
  • prompt for unassigned aliases when opening a project
  • stability and performance improvements
  • always ask to open/close MIDI devices when opening a project
  • bugfix: support for multi-port MIDI devices
  • bugfix: when deleting an alias that is used in the preset, the saved preset might get corrupted
  • bugfix: use a preset named “(always active)” in change preset action
  • bugfix: using delayed action with rules
  • bugfix: do not revert to delay in seconds when switching tabs in translator editor
  • bugfix: better display of keystrokes with international keyboards

Version 1.6.3 (OS X Release)

Intermediate OS X release with almost all 1.7.x features.

New features:

  • incoming keystroke action
  • Log Window: display time stamp (in milliseconds)
  • added: cut/copy/paste of preset
  • fix keyboard shortcuts for presets and translators

Other improvements:

  • improved user manual
  • engine: better multi-threading (for multi-core CPUs)
  • automatic aliases for virtual ports: “Bome Virtual Port 1”
  • nicer MIDI message display with decimal value
  • installer: background image and Applications shortcut

Bug fixes:

  • in an Incoming or Outgoing translator entry, any specific
    MIDI port settings are removed when changing the MIDI message

  • virtual port does not work unless out port is opened
  • 100% CPU usage when using virtual ports
  • formatting numbers as string (e.g. outgoing action “execute
    file”), “X” format is not recognized

  • MIDI message name: note “B” is displayed without octave number
  • MIDI message name: channel is not displayed
  • set OUT action to None, removing the action does not work
  • TEST TIMER button in timer outgoing action: does not work
  • many small and cosmetic improvements

Version 1.7.1 (Windows Release)

  • enhanced MIDI support:
    – can use multiple devices of same name (Vista, Windows 7)
    – detect names of standard USB devices (Windows XP)

  • improved virtual MIDI driver:
    – compatible with Windows 7
    – sends timestamps now
    – no driver nag screen during installer (Vista, Windows 7)
    – improved 64-bit support of driver installer

  • updated User Manual
  • added "Save Project As Text" in File menu
  • visual change: preset and translator numbers always start with 0 now
  • bugfix: crash when using non-terminating key repeat
  • bugfix: duplicating ExecuteFileAction does not work
  • bugfix: after duplicating a wm_message outgoing action, cannot edit window title
  • bugfix: deactivate Preset By Number: always reverts to 0.
  • bugfix: reading OSX project files with upper case variable names

Version 1.7.0 (Windows Release)

Major new Features:

  • Enhanced MIDI support:
    – use multiple MIDI ports
    – virtual MIDI port included
    – can select MIDI port(s) per Incoming/Outgoing action
    – and/or can set default port(s) for the entire project, the preset
    – can define MIDI port aliases to abstract MIDI port names
    – MIDI router for direct MIDI THRU connections (in Project Properties)

  • Greatly improved engine and GUI performance
  • added more global variables: all 2-letter combinations starting with i, j, k, …n (e.g. i0, ja, k7, etc.)
  • added settings window
  • added Project Properties:
    – Author info (name, copyright, etc.)
    – free-form comments field
    – default MIDI ports
    – MIDI Router

  • added Preset Properties:
    – default MIDI ports
    – if "always active" or not

  • edit Rules directly in text field
  • new outgoing action: execute file
  • enhanced keystroke emulation: should work with games, too (DirectX fix)
  • new command line parameter: /bmidi <number> : set the number of virtual MIDI ports
  • improved logging:
    – include preset.translator in log messages – improved log window performance

  • added "merge project file" function

Minor Changes:

  • change trial period: now you can run MT Trial for 20minutes each
  • bugfix: start-up correctly when starting minimized, and not minimizing to tray
  • bugfix: start-up correctly if Windows shortcut properties are set to "Start Minimized"
  • bugfix: different timer names only differing in case of letters will not be treated as the same timer
  • bugfix: cannot change case of preset names
  • bugfix: using F5, F6, etc. in Edit Translator, will not remove Capture MIDI window
  • bugfix: use a darker shade of gray for the preset/translator lists so that the current selection is more visible
  • bugfix: "Save as text file": does not work if preset name contains invalid filename characters
  • bugfix: by default, activate splash screen and tray animation
  • bugfix: sys ex input sometimes does not work
  • bugfix: special keys like “Media Play/Pause” are displayed correctly
  • GUI change: move swallow MIDI to Incoming Panel!
  • GUI change: Log and Event Monitor are now in View menu
  • GUI change: Import/Export settings are in settings window now
  • GUI change: add index numbers to lists
  • GUI change: make Rules Up and Down buttons more visible as buttons

Version 1.6.2 (OS X Release)

This is an intermediate OS X release with almost all 1.7 features.

  • MIDI improvements:
    • new: use multiple MIDI ports
    • new: MIDI Port Aliases
    • new: MIDI Router (i.e. configurable MIDI Thru)
    • define number of virtual ports
    • improved MIDI capture
    • completely overhauled MIDI implementation
    • bugfix: properly handle unplugged/replugged MIDI devices
  • Other New Features
    • new: outgoing action: Execute File
    • new log window options: filter log messages by type (IN/OUT/RULES/MIDI)
    • new: Project Properties with
      • author info (name, copyright, comments, etc.)
      • Project Default MIDI Ports
      • MIDI Router (see above)
    • new: Preset Properties with
      • preset info (Name, Options, etc.)
      • Preset Default MIDI Ports
    • new: a renamed copy of "Bome’s Midi Translator" will use its own settings.
    • new: MIDI menu with commands such as "Close All Devices"
  • user interface improvements:
    • improved look (matching the new web site)
    • textual Rules editor
    • new tool buttons
    • new keyboard shortcuts: F5:General, F6:Incoming, F7:Rules, F8:Outgoing
    • improved usage with (computer) keyboard
    • integrated log window and error window into the main window
    • new event monitor
    • all areas can be resized
    • new option: do not show splash screen
    • other enhancements to GUI and work flow
    • show index numbers in translator and preset lists
  • performance and stability:
    • misc. engine improvements
    • various performance enhancements and lower memory usage
    • bugfix: in preset-change action, "ignore for next/previous" is not saved
    • bugfix: "always active" checkbox in outgoing preset action
    • bugfix: after duplicating a translator, index numbers were corrupt
    • bugfix: command line parameter handling
    • bugfix: potential crash when editing key down translators
    • bugfix: project documentation wasn’t shown when file path had an apostrophe
  • Misc:
    • Store presets in ~/Documents/Bome’s Midi Translator
    • improved SaveAsText
    • help file is now a PDF document
    • ships with more example projects
    • saved .bmtp files are signed, e.g. for unlimited use in Stanton DaRouter [Full version only]

Version 1.6.1 (Windows Release)

  • added user manual
  • fixed the option start minimized
  • fixed crash when shutting down windows
  • fixed locking up with setting timers in response to onPresetActive event
  • fixed explicit rescan MIDI devices
  • when opening the log window, display a warning that it swallows resources
  • fixed deadlock when extensively changing presets
  • fixed stale translator list display when deleting one preset (if not last preset)

Version 1.6.1 (OS X Release)

  • improved look
  • fixed keystroke emulation
  • added “Restart Preset” to File menu
  • added recent files to File menu
  • many cosmetic fixes
  • select multiple translators/presets
  • menu shortcuts fixed
  • copying a translator will also place a textual version on the clipboard (useful for dumping a preset to an email or forum)
  • Save preset as text file (for reference)
  • engine performance improvements
  • now separate a trial version which runs for only 20 minutes
  • possible to purchase the full version to unlock the trial
  • stability improvements in translation engine
  • option to suppress outgoing keystrokes when MT is in focus
  • GUI fixes (move presets, tables)
  • improved logger
  • fix crash at start-up in
  • improve stability of sending MIDI
  • properly detect multiple devices with same name
  • improved MIDI device names
  • fix handling of incoming long MIDI messages
  • fix bug timer for extreme situations
  • fixed rules list
  • improved behavior when plugging MIDI devices in or out

Version 1.60 (Windows)

Major Improvements and new Features:

  • added Author and Player editions
  • new look: preset list, toolbar with icons
  • new Outgoing Actions:
    – improved change preset action
    send WM_ messages
    emulate Mouse movement/clicks

  • new Incoming Triggers:
    – on preset enable/disable
    – on enable/disable processing
    – on project open

  • added new global variables: [g0…g9], [ha…hz], and [h0…h9]
  • allow multiple presets to be active at the same time
  • when opening a .bmtp/.bmte file, an associated help file will be opened automatically (if same filename and of type pdf,txt,rtf,htm, or html).

Minor Fixes:

  • save preset as text file
  • "copy" will also put a textual representation to the clipboard
  • bug fix: with start minimized, Edit Window will show nonetheless
  • bug fix: if start minimized and no splash screen, keystroke out does not work
  • enhanced timer: allow variables for timer delay and repetitions
  • outgoing action: switch to another preset by number or variable
  • wait a short while before enabling dialog boxes to prevent accidental yes’ing them
  • use My DocumentsBome's Midi Translatoras default folder for project files
  • use Save As for read-only files
  • added shortcuts in Edit Window: Revert: Ctrl+R, next tab: Ctrl+PageUp, previous tab: Ctrl+PageDown
  • allow changing the order of presets
  • menu function to explicitly rescan MIDI devices
  • rules can have a description text
  • when closing Edit Translator window, ask if user wants to apply changes
  • bugfix: do not continue processing in other presets if stop processing is active

Version 1.50

Major Improvements and new Features:

  • keystroke as Incoming Action

  • Rules: variable assignments, mathematical expressions, jumps,
    and conditional execution

  • timers: repeated or delayed execution of Translators

  • changed to file-based approach: presets are now saved in project files
    A migration wizard will savely convert your old presets in the

  • added log window for convenient verification (debugging) of your translation presets

  • MIDI device selector in Tray menu

  • reload MIDI device list if a device is plugged in

  • add separate keystroke press/key release Outgoing Action

  • allow compound MIDI IN messages, e.g. NRPN and RPN messages

  • safequard against accidental closing: "Do you really want toclose?"

  • most recently used files list for projects

Version 1.50

Minor Improvements:

  • [beta1] Options column instead of "Stop" column

  • [beta1] new shortcut: Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down in Translator list to move them up/down

  • [beta1] new option: do not emulate keystrokes when Midi Translator is active

  • [beta1] open the last open MIDI device automatically, even if it is switched on after start of Midi Translator

  • [beta1] bug fix: make sure that autostart is in user’s autostart group

  • [beta1] bug fix: presets are lost if [none] is selected when closing

  • [beta1] bug fix: duplicate function for KeyDown/KeyUp events

  • [beta1] bug fix: disappearing About Box when "show splash screen" is disabled

  • [beta1] bug fix: failing function "Rename Preset"

  • [beta1] bug fix: lost all Translators when adding an empty Translator at first position

  • [beta1] bug fix: when shutting down Windows while Midi Translator is running, settings are not saved

  • [beta1] bug fix: help screen for Import settings was always shown, even if “don’t show again” was checked

  • [beta1] bug fix: selecting [none] preset from tray menu

  • [beta1] bug fix: sometimes the tray icon was not animated

  • [beta1] include license info in splash screen

  • [beta1] remember edit window position

  • [beta1] display controller numbers 0-based

  • [beta1] nicer display of (N)RPN messages

  • [beta2] bug fix: fixed Keystroke Input [beta2]

  • [beta2] added option to ignore keyboard input actions when MT is active

  • [beta2] bug fix: ask to save modified project when opening another project

  • [beta2] bug fix: ask to save unnamed preset before saving

  • [beta2] bug fix: editing a new translator will display "Unknown" for Input/Output

  • [beta3] bug fix: Rules: allow Assignment and Expression as THEN actions

Version 1.40

Major Improvements and new Features:

  • Edit Translator window: new layout, revised help, can remain visible now

  • new outgoing action: "no output"

  • new outgoing action: enable/disable processing

  • new outgoing action: choose Presets via MIDI as Outgoing Action:
    1. to a named set
    2. next/previous set, ignoring [none] and [always active]
    The current event will be processed and then the specified set will be changed asynchronously

  • added an "Active" column for the translators to temporary switch them off

  • improved MIDI Capture: added small MIDI monitor

  • improved real-time performance

  • new option: Autostart

  • new option: Start minimized

  • new option: Show Tray Icon

  • new option: Minimize to Tray

  • new option: Show Splash Screen

  • new option: friendly MIDI message display

Minor Improvements:

  • Translator name change not always retained

  • added Clear button for Key Strokes

  • added a reset midi device (panic) button

  • changed format in ini file for options

  • multiple selections in main window possible

  • various minor GUI improvements

  • view incoming action when editing outgoing action and vice versa

  • added rename/duplicate for presets, removed "save" (automatically saved)

  • fixed non-visible event monitor if started minimized

  • MIDI Thru option in tray menu

  • Capture MIDI for Outgoing MIDI, too

  • fixed: Capture events not working when window is maximized

  • auto-apply for Edit Translator

  • added global variables

  • own file extensions: bmts/bmtp

  • calling MidiTranslator.exe with parameter will be taken as preset file and loaded

  • changed click on tray icon: left double-click will always bring MT to front right click will show menu

  • added description for MIDI actions

  • cut/copy/paste of Translators (for copying from/to presets)

  • add "Add" and "Duplicate" buttons in edit window

  • fix automatic insertion of variables for Capture MIDI

  • column widths in the list view are now stored

  • renamed "Options" to "General" in Edit Translator window

  • cooler display of LED’s

  • fixed that MIDI Out would not work if MIDI IN=(none)

  • fixed Copy/Paste in Edit Translator window

Version 1.31

  • fixed MIDI2MIDI translation bug

  • fixed “Stop Processing” not being saved

Version 1.30

  • added “Duplicate” function

  • detect feedback of virtual MIDI ports

  • added PostcardWare reminder

  • change order of translators (menu or via drag’n’drop)

  • remove “Delete” button, a “More…” Button instead.

  • Flag if translator processing should stop

  • cleaner handling of presets

  • context menu for translator listing

  • tray animation is now showing accurately MIDI input, output and

  • presets are now stored in registry

  • import/export of settings and presets

  • better MIDI performance

  • added midi->keystroke translator option

  • potential deadlock at program exit fixed

Version 1.20

  • bug fix: on heavy midi input while closing a dead lock occured

  • added options to not filter Active Sensing and Midi Time Code

  • “Thru also for translated messages” now specific to each Translator (is now called “output both translated and original message”)

  • cute Event Monitor with LED’s

Version 1.11

  • Changed email, snail mail and webaddresses

Version 1.10

  • Midi Translator now resides in the Tray. Like that you have quick access to the presets without wasting space on your desktop or your taskbar

  • You can now run multiple instances: Just rename a copy of MidiTranslator.exe to a different name. It will use its own configuration file.

Version 1.00

  • resolved the performance problem by disabling the display of incoming messages in the statusbar when minimized

  • added the splash screen (thanks to my graphics department Rob1)