What is PostcardWare ?

We enjoy the concept of PostcardWare.

Basically, PostcardWare means that you can use a software free of any payment (see exceptions below), but to legally use it after you have tried it, you must send us a postcard. Yes, a real postcard!

See the postcards

See a selection of the best postcards sent to me from all over the world by clicking on the world map:

A Postcard ?

Yes. We enjoy receiving postcards from all over the world. We also think it’s a nice way for users to show appreciation without becoming poor – sending a postcard is cheap anywhere in the world.

Many people seem to think this is a joke, but it’s not. We take it seriously, and you can’t get a license of the PostcardWare programs by sending an email or a web-card (virtual postcard). The only way of getting a license is by sending a real postcard which we can hold in our hands (or by paying for the program; details below). Of course, you can also send other souvenirs or things from your country.


PostcardWare is only meant for private use. If you use the software commercially (i.e. in a company, or you use it in any way related to you making money), you have to purchase the software. Payment is usually done online on a secure server, or in many other ways. Refer to the respective program page for more information.

Think of a postcard as real payment. If you urgently need the license, you can pay the monetary fee and will immediately receive the key to remove the reminder screen at start-up of the program.

Where do I send the postcard ?

Send it to this address:

Always include:

  • Program name
  • Your full name
  • Your email address

Please allow 4-10 weeks for delivery and processing of the postcard!
Of course you can also pay the purchase fee to get the license key.