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bome software

30 day Trial Version

Current version: 2007 Update 2

Full version: download Update 2:


English Version

Size: 3300KB  MD5: 02CF857037FF3ECC963DEDE8620A2EC9

 Restorator 2007 [Simtel]
 Restorator 2007 [Tucows]
 Restorator 2007 [c|net]
 Restorator 2007 [shareware.de]
 Restorator 2007 [Germany]
 Restorator 2007 [USA]

International Versions

  Spanish     3412KB     MD5: 79FC486A7E387E52BE5905EB2FF31914
Thanks to Antonio Perez for the translation.

  Russian     3219KB     MD5: B1641AF618ACF8CC6AC1AA7EB3F813BC
Thanks to Melnikov Maksim for the translation.

Limitations of the Trial Version

  • Expires after 30 days.
  • Adds texts ("Patched with Restorator" etc.) to MENU, DIALOG, and VERSION resources upon saving.
  • Does not include ResPatcher or the Grab Resources tool.
  • Limited user support.

Additional Features of the Full Version

  • receive full user support *)
  • release automated modifications (patches) with ResPatcher.
  • extract resources in all files anywhere on your hard drive with Grab Resources.
  • no startup reminder
  • all latest features and enhancements included.
  • turn off marking of modified resources
  • unlimited free updates of all future Restorator releases *)

*) not with student license

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