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With Bome’s Midi Translator Pro, you can control your computer from MIDI devices or other devices. For example: you can control your favorite software with a MIDI control surface, use MIDI turntables with arbitrary DJ software, map MIDI messages to other MIDI messages, and much more.

“Overall, if you’re a live performer or want to put an existing MIDI controller in charge of other software or hardware, MIDI Translator is a dream come true.”
Sound on Sound magazine, March 2009

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“[...] time to tell you how integral your work has been in enabling me to pull off an otherwise impossible project. Midi Translator is one amazing piece of software.”
Max O.



Feb 29, 2012: Bome’s Midi Translator Pro v1.7.2 released

We’ve released version 1.7.2 of Bome’s Midi Translator Pro!

With this release, the Windows and the OS X versions have an identical feature set. They even have the same version number from now on!

Apart of that, version 1.7.2 has a number of new exciting features and bug fixes, most notably: - mouse movement and click emulation — now on OS X, too - delay Outgoing Actions directly (without the use of timers) - use variables in Outgoing Mouse action - improved performance and stability

Download here.

For a full list of changes, see:

Version History – OS X

Version History – Windows

And now, as always: happy translating! Florian, Ruediger, and partners

Nov 29, 2011: Beta version: Bome’s Midi Translator 1.7.2 beta (Win+OSX)

We’ve just released Midi Translator Pro 1.7.2 beta with some new features and bug fixes. In particular, now the OS X version has the same feature set as the Windows version. Finally! Please test and report back in the forums, or file a bug report.