Using BomeBox to control Behringer XR12 with Lemur and/or Midi Twister

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Hi! I’m just starting to see my possibillites. ūüôā

I’ve been wondering if there is a way i could use my DJTT Midi Twister to control some Parameters in my digital Mixer, the XR12. It listens to some basic midi CCs but ismore controllable with their App. The XAir App is great already but i like to customize the layout for live performances. This could be done on the android app Mixingstation but im all on iOS.¬† Now the Midi implementation on the XR is not so extended and the BomeBox is not working with OSC so far. This is why i have to stick to the good old Mackie Protocol.

My goal in one sentence: Control more than basic the functions on the Behringer XR with Liine Lemur or a midi controller.

I need dedicated Solo/PFL Buttons and effectssends for example. Maybe control  of some internal effects parameters as well. What i dont need is fine tuning of alle the comps, eq etc., this is all prepared.

To start off: When writing a script in MT to use in standalone mode on the BomeBox – where do i connect all units? On the Box or on my computer?

What do i have to setup for the following routing?

USB or DIN Midi Port –> BomeBox –>¬† (Network switch) –> XR Ethernet I/O

I hope you can help me finding a start!


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January 30, 2018 1:32 am
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Whoops sorry, posted my answer on the wrong thread.

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January 31, 2018 3:07 am
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Hi, I believe your XR has MIDI DIN Inputs and outputs which you should be able to use to talk via the BomeBox. I’m not sure if the XR can act as a MIDI class compliant device but if it can,¬† you should¬† be able to connect there.


The BomeBox acts as a USB MIDI class compliant host so you should be able to hook up a control surface to the the USB host port. If you have multiple USB controllers, you can attach a hub there and route multiple controllers through the HUB.  The Network protocol used uses BomeNetwork which is proprietary protocol that can run on Windows or OSX and can be downloaded from the Bome web site.  If you need network connection to your XR, you would need to bridge your existing connection via a PC or Mac with whatever software you have there to support it. The BomeNetwork will expose a network port as a MIDI device to your computer.

I would recommend you download Bome MIDI Translator evaluation software and set up a project file on your Mac or PC for testing first. Once tested, you can upload the project file to the BomeBox for production use.¬† Note the evaluation version of the MT Pro software is fully featured but only allows a session to run for 20 minutes.¬† I’m sure if you need more than that, you can discuss packaging a license of MT Pro software along with the purchase of the BomeBox with the Bome Corporation (I’m just the Board Moderator here)

You should be able to find some MIDI to Mackie projects on this forum.¬† I also posted a YouTube video with a project file for supporting some basic Mackie functions such as solo, mute and faders. Check our Bome MIDI Translator tutorials and if you can’t find it, get back to me and I will dig it up for you.


I hope this helps you get started!

Steve Caldwell

Bome Q&A Moderator and Independent Bome Programming Specialist/Consultant.


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January 30, 2018 2:34 am

Oh and if you X-12 support Sysex “Text OSC” we can create translators to handle that as well.

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