could BMTP send keypress to a different PC?

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My previous question was solved perfectly sadly the program to which i used BMTP to send it’s keypresses has a limitation opening a second tab/instance (which it doesn’t even allow yet) would not solve anything since the keyboard assignments where hardcoded, but I figured if I could use and extra laptop and open the same program there technically it could be done… unfortunately a USB device cannot be connected to 2 machines simultaneously (atleast thats what google tells me) so I started thinking would it be possible for BMTP to send Keypress (emulator a keyboard) to a different PC in the same network? (an alternative might be an USB device that connects 2 PC’s lets say tbat the whole machineA is seen as a usb keyboard on machineB) are there any other options??? can the BOMEBOX split on MidiUSB into to USB OUT port so that left halve of my DJcontroller goes to PC-A and the rigth halve goes to PC-B… or am I overthinking and is there something else I can do? an extra thing that came to mind was using virtual-machines, but sadly my laptop would severly lack the resources!

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December 1, 2018 1:29 am
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To a PC BomeBox is seen as as Network MIDI device so you could certainly connect 2 PC’s together via a MIDI connection.  On each PC you could use MT Pro to convert an incoming MIDI message from the BomeNetwork to a keystroke for that local PC.

In fact if you have 2 PC’s each running MT Pro you could convert a keystroke to MIDI on PC1, send it over BomeNetwork to PC2 and then have an instance of MT Pro on PC2 convert it back to a keystroke (or just use MIDI if you wish).

You could also send keystroke via BomeBox from a QWERTY keyboard connected to a USB Hub and translate the keystroke to MIDI over BomeNetwork and then again on the receiving PC, use MT Pro to convert to a keystroke.

For the first solution, you would need to MT Pro licenses and a BomeNetwork Pro license.

For the second solution you would need a BomeBox and a copy of MT Pro on the receiving PC, but the network license (BomeBox to PC) is included with BomeBox.  Of course you would need the other supporting hardware to attach to the BomeBox (power supply, usb hub and usb querty keyboard.


Note also that for the first solution if the original messages were computer keystrokes they will not be suppressed on that computer. The local computer will also see the computer keystroke.  This is not true if the original message is MIDI (unless of course you convert it to . a keystroke)

I hope this helps!


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December 1, 2018 3:14 am