BomeBox: St00pid Old Fart Tricks – MIDISport 4×4 Ports not recognized?

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Wow, okay – so I admit that it’s been awhile since I’ve been fudging with my Box: doing some prep work on the computer, recording, waiting for delivery of an interface.

Recently received my Class Complaint M-Audio MIDISPORT 4×4 (anniversary edition if that matters).

Can’t seem to get the BomeBox to recognize it.

Old fart bits: Yes, when you get older if you dont’ keep using the info (we’re talking days & weeks even), you just lose it.  So I may be missing something so terribly obvious I should be embarrassed…except I’m old enough that I’m passed the embarrassed part.  🙂

I’m running tests before dumping my sequences into a hardware sequencer (Elektron Octatrack), so the goal if/when I get this going is to have the computer out of the mix.


  • MIDISport seems to work properly if connected directly to the computer running a sequence from LIVE.
  • MIDISport seems to work properly if connected to D-Link 7 port USB Hub (powered port) to the computer running a sequence from LIVE.
  • MIDISport when connected directly to Box, no ports recognized (Note: because no power, eh?)
  • MIDISport when connected to D-Link hub (powered) to USB port on Box: no USB ports show up on Box configuration

So what st00pid thing am I overlooking?
What should I test next?

I’m hoping that via the Box I’ll be able to access all 4 ports independently (have three 16 voice multi-timbral modules to control – Yes, I know the OT only has 8 MIDI tracks just go with me on this one, k?)

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March 20, 2017 5:24 pm

Note: Have also tried same configuration excepting a D-Link 4 port powered hub instead of the 7 port.
Same results: nothing recognized.

( at March 20, 2017 5:26 pm)

Interesting Twist:
Going back to an older hardware configuration (Roland UM-One -> D-Link 4 port powered hub -> BomeBox) which worked before I took aforementioned ’break’ from being tits-deep in Box stuff, well…the Box doesn’t recognize the UM-One anymore.

So either I’m totally missing something that I knew before, or this is ’that problem’ I had before (last Aug or so…?) that needed a firmware update (because pre-production model of the Box)…?

Just a random thought because this is just not working as expected based on experiences to date.

( at March 20, 2017 5:53 pm)

Additional: even plugged a UM-One directly into the USB port on the Box.
Everything is showing as Status: Unplugged, except (of course) BomeBox DIN.

Wasn’t this the problem I was having last August with the 0.9.5 firmware update?

( at March 20, 2017 6:46 pm)
Try powering your BomeBox with 3rd from right port or further left on (only one of the 5 left port) your Dlink. I think the last two ports are for charging and don’t put out consistent power. On your 7 port hub
( at March 20, 2017 7:47 pm)
Thanks Steve! Appreciate the assistance in trying some troubleshooting. Tried that, and it doesn\’t resolve the issue. Still shows all ports as \’Unplugged\’. Yeaaah…not a DLink 7 port hub issue. I can dupe this taking the 7 port hub fully out of the mix: – With a different USB hub (4 port) (Also a DLink but also the first hub I used to use with the Box when I first started working with it) – MIDIMan Interface plugged diretly into the BomeBox USB port – Roland UM-One plugged into either hub (and hub plugged into the BomeBox) – Roland UM-One plugged directly into the BomeBox Note: My previous configuration that worked a couple months ago was the 7 port hub with two Roland UM-One\’s plugged in and the OT plugged into the BomeBox DIN. In all situations, all ports except for BomeBox DIN show as \’Unplugged\’. I believe this \’feels\’ something similar to what I experienced last August when I first received my BomeBox (resolution required a firmware update), but I\’m probably grasping at straws. Or overlooking something remarkably simple, so keep the suggestions coming if you have any others! EDIT to add: not used to troubleshooting on this end of things because after the problem I had back in August, I’ve never had to really get into troubleshooting the ports. Everything worked as expected after that. So chances are pretty strong I’m overlooking something remarkably simple.
( at March 20, 2017 8:52 pm)

Adding a comment because it seems when I edit a comment the system removes any paragraph formatting.

EDITING to add:
The problem I experienced before was the BomeBox not recognizing the DIN ports.


( at March 20, 2017 8:58 pm)

What are you using to power your Bomebox?

( at March 20, 2017 9:41 pm)

Wow. Yeah, I didn’t think of that since the previous configuration, which worked for months, was failing to work.

So I tried multiple ’cell phone chargers’ (up to 2.5A), plugging into my computer USB for power, a multi-port USB charging hub (no data, just a box with USB charging ports), and an external cell phone battery pack (an Anker 20000 mAh with 4.8A output).

Getting totally inconsistent results!

Only in one configuration did I get the BomeBox USB to recognize anything, and that was a single UM-One plugged directly into the BomeBox USB port (no hub), but when I went back to that configuration, it didn’t work.

If I’m going to continue with the ’it must be the power’ troubleshooting path, then I’m going to have to create a spreadsheet for all the possible USB connection & power options I’ve tried – except the question remains: Why is the same configuration not working now when it used to work?

That last question is troubling because what happens if/when I get into a live situation where I’m relying on this device and some variable that I’m unaware of has decided to brick to my rig? Ack!

( at March 20, 2017 10:30 pm)

Hi CreepyPants,
sorry to read of these problems. They’re not normal. But it’s significant information that you actually have a pre-production model. In theory, it’s identical, but we did change minor parts of the circuit.

Anyway, it does seem like a hardware issue of some sort. But if you can get the USB port to recognize an attached device at all, then maybe it is a power issue after all. Have you tried using a powered hub? I.e. USB-cable from BomeBox to powered hub, and plug the MIDISport into one of the hub’s ports. If that does not work, there is more than a power issue and you should definitely ask for a replacement unit.


( at March 20, 2017 11:03 pm)

Hey Florian –
Thanks for your response.

I’ve tried two powered hubs – the one I was using when I first received the Box (4 port D-Link powered) and a second one that I purchased several months ago (D-Link 7 port – the same one your sell).

Both have worked in the past connecting the Box to multiple Roland UM-One’s connected to my DIN MIDI gear.

I took some time off using the Box in my home rig. I recently tried to upgrade my MIDI Interface: the Box didn’t recognize a new interface (MIDIMan 4×4), so I went back to my old configuration which worked a few months ago (Box => DLink 7 Port hub => 2xRoland UM-Ones). The Box now doesn’t recognize either of the two hubs that I previously used. (Or rather, nothing plugged into the hubs is recognized by the Box)

The Box recognizes a single Roland UM-One plugged directly into the USB port on the Box. (ie – no hub)

Should I try more power options and/or perhaps a PoE injector? (Even though I’m using the same power supply that has worked continuously for at least 5-6 months before I took a break?)

Thanks for your time.

( at March 21, 2017 1:51 am)
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