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Hello community,


When I look at the list of devices in the Bomebox, it seems that all of my connected devices are listed twice. Does anyone know why this is and how to make sense of it, which ones to choose etc? thanks

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June 9, 2017 8:15 pm
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Hi Ian,
thanks for asking! It’s definitely not exactly intuitive behavior, but it’s by design. The list of MIDI devices you see in the web config are assembled from
1) real MIDI ports (e.g. Faderfox PC44, BomeBox DIN, etc.)
2) auto aliases (Network 1, USB 1 – USB 5)
3) aliases (I assume Fastlane and others in your list)

Auto aliases are created automatically for each USB port and for each Network MIDI port so that you can access these ports by number (no matter which device they actually represent) in your MIDI Routes (and route sets), and in your MT Pro projects. So you can set up routes to always route BomeBox DIN to Network 1, no matter which Network MIDI connection you have set up in this case: KTBK). So you have the choice to bind your routings to a named connection or to a generic device by number.

“Normal” aliases cannot be created in the BomeBox web config, but in MT Pro projects. In th MIDI Ports page of the BomeBox web config, you can then define which alias from a loaded MT Pro project is assigned to which real port. In your picture above, you can see which alias is assigned to which real port in parenthesis.

I hope that makes a bit more sense! The BomeBox user guide also briefly discusses the auto aliases.


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June 10, 2017 1:03 am

OK, that’s making more sense now! Thanks Florian.

So if I wanted to clean this up a bit, should I go back into MTP and delete the ’normal’ aliases so I can just use the real ports or auto-aliases? In other words, what’s the general strategy in MTP for keeping the ports names clear for moving the project to the Bomebox? I ask because I’m about to add more ports and instruments. =]

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haha, you already have an awful lot of gear attached to the BomeBox 🙂 🙂 but that’s awesome!
So, yes, that’s the best strategy you can use for cleaning up the list.
1) either, use the device names exactly as they appear on the BomeBox (e.g. use an alias ”Fastlane [A]” instead of ”Fastlane USB Port A”, or
2) use the numbered port names like ”USB 3”.

Of course, the latter only makes sense if the translation/routes are the same for all USB devices because the USB device index is (somewhat) random — though the index should remain stable if you have the same devices attached.

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