Which keys can be programmed?


2011-09-25 23:05:16

Hi folks,this should be an easy one to answer,I'm pretty new to this stuff so this is a silly question I'm sure but I was wondering which keys can be used(I'm using mk to change patches on guitar rig program).I've played with it a bit and it seems that some of the keys may be unmappable,such as the "enter" key and "f1 to f12" across the top,is this normal?Also in the near future after I've had a chance to play with this some more I plan on mutilating a usb keyboard and putting it in some kinda case so I can use it as a midi footcontroller.Anyone else tried this using mk as a guitar midi controller.Thanks,Cheers.


2011-10-22 17:41:52


MK's key mapping is quite rigid. Essentially, you can only use the 4 rows without any of the special keys.

For complete control, but complex setup, check out Midi Translator.