using a 2nd HID keyboard exclusivly for MK


2007-12-31 15:26:07

First let me just say... Thank you for MK!! I don't know what I would do without it and it's wonderful chord editor.

So here is my question... Is there a way to assign a 2nd HID keyboard to MK?

example. I have a USB HID Keyboard plugged into my laptop. Rather than switching between my sequencer and MK (alt+Tab).. Could I have my 2nd keyboard exclusively assigned to MK for input? Is that even possible? I poked around the forums and looked at the settings... Let me know if you need more clarification.

Any help would be great!

Many Thanks,



2008-01-02 11:38:35

Hi Slugo,

it's quite unlikely that this is possible. From point of view of a Windows application, any additional USB keyboards are just the same as the first keyboard, there is no means to differentiate if a keystroke came from one or another keyboard. Now for most applications that's the intended effect...

If I get to know a way to technically solve this issue, it would be nice to integrate it in MK!

Happy New Year,