How do i assign the notes to especifics bottons?


2016-10-02 00:52:47

Im using the Bome Mouse Keyboard to play drums (EZDrummer) on Pro tools, and i want to assign every note to different bottons of my PC keyboard. Is that possible??. For example the D-0 note on Bome's keyboard is played with the "X" botton of my PC keyboard, on EZdrummer thats the Hi-hat. I want to play the hi-hat (D-0) with the letter "S". Can i configurate that??


2016-10-02 22:14:19

Hi Marcelo,
unfortunately, that's not possible with Mouse Keyboard. You can give MIDI Translator Pro a try: there you can create individual translators for Keystroke Input to output MIDI messages. You need to create one translator per key.