Doesn't transpose MIDI I suppose?!


2016-01-25 16:57:42

Apologies for the non researched question but I'm always on the lookout for a "real time" MIDI transposer; send it a command to specify how to transpose MIDI input to a MIDI output. Possible with this by any chance?


2016-01-26 19:03:45

Hi Patrick,
this certainly works with the BomeBox! You can do any kind of MIDI mapping you can imagine. Subscribe for notifications to get notified when the BomeBox is available for purchase.

Meanwhile, you can check out MIDI Translator Pro, which is the mapping engine in the BomeBox. You can create a transposition preset in MT Pro, use it on a computer as long as the BomeBox is not available, and once it is, just upload the preset file to the BomeBox and it'll execute the transposition self contained.



2016-01-26 19:10:55

I was kind of thinking that might have been what is inside :-)

I already use and rely on BMTpro.

I tried the transpose thing a while back and it worked but was a bit sluggish for live MIDI music playing - prolly my ancient MacBookPro (2010 quad i7)

Can't wait!

Keep up the good work. I'll keep an eye out for availability.


2016-01-28 12:32:20

Any post-2000 (!) computer should be well enough equipped to run such simple mappings in MT Pro in real time with no noticeable lag. Maybe the preset was not correctly set up?