Bome Box w/o Ethernet


2015-09-25 02:10:54

I like the idea of Ethernet but really only want a way to retire my DSP rack and PC so I can use nothing but hardware.

Just to make sure, this box can load up projects/presets I create on a PC, then use those in a live venue free from a DSP rack or PC..?
Is there a limit to many variations of a project the Bome Box will be able to recall..?

If this is true, I will buy Translator Pro and become familiar with it until the Bome Box is released.
I have been using MIDI DSP devices for years, DSP Translators as well.
Having it in hardware will allow me to stop using a PC and my expensive DSP rack.

I can always get the Ethernet thing-a-ma-jig later.
Looking forward to hearing more on this great idea of yours.


2015-09-26 22:30:47

Hi DSPLover,
your assumptions are accurate... there is approx. 8MB of flash memory for your project files. Typical project files have a size of 10-50KB. So you can easily store 100's of projects on the BomeBox.

Of course, at first, you should check out if MT Pro can actually do what you need (though if not, we'd love to add such functionality!).

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2015-09-26 22:45:14

I am studying it right now, and have signed up for the newsletter.
MIDI is the best way for performers still.
Tried WiFi and iPad/Android stuff.
Congestion is always a problem.

Thanks and love seeing great hardware like this.