2015-02-03 18:09:25

Woooooooow! :shock:
For last year, I was brainstorming how to build a small computer just for MIDI Translator, to use it on stage.
And now… Here comes the BoomeBox! I was so happy when I read about it! This is must have for me.
I just want to say a big THANX GUYS for this one!


2015-02-06 17:29:22

O yes, extremely promising.


2015-02-09 14:56:11

great to hear! be sure to subscribe to BomeBox news on that page:


2015-02-12 12:07:17

So I have a quick question.
With BoomeBox, it will be possible to let say connect a Korg nanoKontrol to BoomeBox and run it out over MIDI cable? Any USB controller becomes a MIDI controller to use it without computer? I would love to have this option. And with all the magic with the MIDI Translator!


2015-02-12 14:21:04

yes, indeed that's possible. Plus the magic :)


2015-05-15 20:58:33

you can check out the NAMM demo videos here: