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2012-03-08 03:21:17

i probably tried all sysex-software on the net, up to midiox , but none of them is offering following function:

situation: a group of syx-files i a directory

function: autosend by clicking one button, sound after sound from a definded directory

sugestion for your frontend:

button 1: select directory

button 2a and 2b:mask sysex:

masking byte 2 :midichannel (normaly not includedin checksum)
masking byte 8: programm number (as in k5000r sysex) normaly not includedin checksum)

button UP : send first sound in dir and then the next sound one after each other
without opening and selecting sounds , and with autosending

button DOWN : analogue , but browsing sounddirectory "downwords"

button "MASK" : by implementing tags in the file-name and MASKING (for example using LETTERS like
-L for leadsound
-P for percussivesounds
one could reduce the browsing by UP and DOWN to a defined groupof sound (filenameformat = NAME__L-P-X-Y.syx)

sorry, i am not a programmer, but could you imagine to implement these functions to your frontend?

if it isinteresting for you, i could not find any programm with this functionality.

praxis: just one-click-browsing thru lots of sounds , while the composition plays from a sequencer.

while using your prog in a vba-shell, the name of the sound (file) is not relevant for the synth (the name is saved in the sysex itself), this would probably work with with lots of synths

if it is interesting for you, i could not find any programm with this functionality.

please let me know. i really would be greatful, since my programming ofmidi-out in vba simply does not work.

thank you.



2012-03-09 16:36:47

Hi thanks for the interesting suggestion. At the moment we don't plan to extend Send SX with more features, as its power lies in simplicity. But we may create new programs which will offer something like what you described. No concrete plans, yet, though.



2012-03-09 16:52:51

hello and thanx for answering.

at the moment i could manage it to call sendsx from a vba shell and to load the particular selected syx-file from the diectory. my only problem is the missing auto-send-function. is there eventually a secret switch to make the programm sending a file to midi -out automatically after loading it?

i am just desparately trying to switch over from excel to sendsx by "sendkey" to use the F4-function for sending, but this seems to be a real problem somehow.

so, if the autosend is possible, i'm happy,

otherwise thank's for the prog anyway.....
regards stan


2012-03-09 17:04:19

If you aren't afraid of experimenting, give Bome's Midi Translator Pro a try.

With it you can
  • send Sys-Ex messages as "outgoing action" in response to keystrokes or MIDI messages.
  • mask individual bytes in the Sys Ex message and replace with other ones (variables and Rules).
  • switch "next" and "previous" by way of rules, or by way of switching presets.
Maybe that will be what you need?



2012-03-10 18:32:47

nun, die welt schein kleiner zu sein, als man denkt, da ich jetzt gesehen habe, daß sie in münchen daheim sind....

danke für die info, sobald mehr zeit für experimente bleibt, schaue ich mir das tool an. jetzt habe ich es tatsächlich geschafft , windows ein wenig auszutricksen und mit sendkeys das f4-midisend zu aktivieren. mit entsprechenden timing sendet nun excel brav die sounds zum k5000r.
eine offenbarung, den der markt bietet hier nix vergleichbares.
somit kann ich mittels name-tags sogar nach soundart sortieren etc., was halt so ein libriarian können muss.

ich denke, es ist nur fair, hier auch einen kleinen beitrag zur weiterentwicklung zu leisten....hiermit geschehen über paypal für ART MUSIC STUDIO !

mfg z. fajfrlik


2012-03-11 22:32:46

ah perfekt, vielen Dank für den Kauf von SendSX!
Wenn Sie Lust haben, können Sie ja ein Beispiel Excel-Sheet hier posten, das ist sicher für viele andere Leute interessant.

Beste Grüße,