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Is it possible to make a value glide / slide to another value in any way?

I would like to map button A to value 20 and button B to value 40 but when I press A first and then B, I want to prevent the value jumping from 20 to 40. Instead, I’d like Bome to send out value 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, … until it reaches 40 within the time I specify. Maybe I would need it to skip certain values if possible so it becomes 20, 22, 24, 26, … until it reaches 40.


Is this possible?


Thank you!

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April 13, 2019 10:19 am
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Absolutely possible. Please find the attached.

In this example there are two input buttons (note 0 and note 1).

Each button sets a target location and starts a a timer “Move”. But before it does it sets the target location (ge), the max iterations for the step timer (gc), the skip count (ga), and the delay between timer iterations (gb)

If the difference between last known position is less that max iterations, then the max iterations is adjusted downward (no use having the timer fire more than necessary)

The timer, when fired, looks at the current location (gd) and compares with the target location (ge) and along with the skip value (ga) to determine then next output value of CC0 (which is the value we are tracking here). Then if we have not exceeded max iterations, it outputs the next value. It also updates the known current location (gd) for the next iteration and decrements the max iteration count (gc)

So basically to adjust for each button you just need to go to the rules, and set the target location when you push that button (ge), and the skip count (ga).

The best place to set the delay is in the Init Preset under init global variables translator (gb)

When you open the file it will ask you to set the aliases for your controller and you application.

You may have to change the incoming MIDI messages for your specific controller and the outgoing action (CC) for your application. You can change it to a note if you would like but you didn’t specify so I picked a CC.

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April 13, 2019 5:50 pm

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Hello Steve. Thank you so much, exactly what I needed! Superb support from you.

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Super, glad to help! Could you mark this thread as resolved as well?

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