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Hi, I’m having trouble triggering a simple Ctrl + Q key command with a midi message.

I’m using this Trigger below, and I unfortunately can’t make sense of Florian’s instructions and sample project here:

[x] Translator 0.0: New Translator
Options: swallow
Incoming: Note On on ch. 1 with note:36 (0x24) and any velocity
Outgoing: Physical Keys: Ctrl(Q)

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February 26, 2018 8:09 am
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When specifiying the outgoing action, put your cursor in the box under keystroke. Press the clear button with your mouse if there is something in the box. Then put you cursor back into the input box to the left. press and hold control then press q while still holding control. Then release q and then release control.  Let me know if this works. Also, note that if you have any applications that capture and handle control q, please close them when doing this as the application may be suppressing it.  Also some applications sit in the background and might use this as a hotkey so make sure that this hotkey combination is not currently being used on your system

Now when executing the outgoing action with MIDI, make sure the application that you are sending Control-Q is open and in focus while sending your MIDI note message.  Unless you have changed MT Pro default settings, MT Pro usually suppresses outgoing actions when focused. If you open the log window and check the “outgoing” box, you will see if MTPro is triggering the event and if the outgoing action is being suppressed.

Let me know if you need any more assisance.

Steve Caldwell

Bome Q&A Moderator and

Independent Bome Consultant/Programmer


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February 26, 2018 2:01 pm