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Hello – I am exploring Bome Midi Translator because I can not get any of the several other midi virtual ports to work with my setup.

I have a midi wireless keyboard that I am trying to connect to ANY background accompaniment software running on a windows 10 PC. I have tried OMB, Live Styler, then RMCA Pro. Now I’m back to OMB as shown in my screen capture. I also want to use Kontakt 5 as the VST for sounds (which won’t work INSIDE OMB  -strangely)

The main issue is assigning the Alesis Midi Wireless to a Virtual midi IN port – which is why I think I need Bome but as you can see from the screen cap – I have no idea what I’m doing. I would be very grateful for any help in getting this to work.

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December 29, 2017 3:50 pm
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Hi Paul,

The MIDI Routing function of Bome MIDI Translator is for all channels. If you want conditional routing by MIDI channel, this would have to be done in translators instead of the routing function:

For instance:

Input Note On Channel 1 from Vortex any note set note value to pp and velocity to qq

Output Note on Channel 1 to BMT1 value pp velocity qq

This assumes you have BMT1 routed as input to Kontakt


Then do the same with Note Off message.

There is a way with rules to handle multiple channels with a single translator as well:

Input Note On Any Channel from Vortex any channel set channel to 00 any note set note value to pp and velocity qq


if oo > 2  then exit rules, skip outgoing action

Output Note on Channel oo to BMT1 value pp  velocity qq

A my preference, I usually do routing with translators and rules because it gives me tighter control of things. On the negative side, it might take a bit more planning to set things up that way.

In both cases above, you should have swallow set so that the rule will override any default routes you have also set.

Now to you question (if all channels)

Vortext -> ( Vortex -> BMT1 Out) -> OMB

Vortext -> (Vortex -> BMT2  Out) -> Kontakt (Ch 1 & 2)

OMB -> ( BMT3 In -> BMT3 Out) -> Kontakt (ch 10-16)

Everything above is going through Bome MIDI Translator (in parenthesis). Notes the one side of the BMT connections are always either an instrument or application. Notes also that BMT3 In and BMT3 out are two separate virtual ports so this is possible.


Let me know if you have any further questions

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December 29, 2017 11:02 pm
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Hi Steve – Thanks for writing!

Yikes! How do I get the Vortex to Control BOTH OMB and play a Kontakt Instrument while OMB plays Kontakt Instruments?

Vortext -> ( ? ) -> OMB

Vortext -> ( ? ) -> Kontakt (Ch 1 & 2)

OMB -> ( ? ) -> Kontakt (ch 10-16)

Thank you again!


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December 29, 2017 10:19 pm
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You need to have Vortex Wireless as input to Bome MIDI Translator. You can then route that input to any number of Bome Virtual Output Ports and then use that for the input for the App you are using. If you are routing to more than one application, each one will need it’s own dedicated port

So this routing would work

Vortex -> BMT1 -> Kontakt5

Vortex ->BMT2 -> OMB

Note that each application has it’s own dedicated input port (BMT1 or BMT2).

You cannot route a BMT port to another BMT port. It will not work IE


Bome Virtual Ports require one end to be either an instrument or application but not another BMT Virtual port.

Also you cannot use BMT ports to route directly from One app to another

OMB ->BMT1 -> Kontakt5 – WILL NOT WORK

Let me know if you have further questions


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December 29, 2017 9:01 pm