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I recently purchased a faderport, and am very satisfied with the product straight out of the box. One thing I think that would make it a million times more useful, is to be able to use the pan knob to control other things, other than pan. My friend led me to Bome’s MIDI Translator.

In Pro Tools (daw of choice), when I hover my cursor over any plugin parameter, the mouse wheel will move that knob, which is great. I figured that if I could simply translate my faderport’s pan data into mouse wheel scroll data, then I should be able to control most plugin parameters with the pan knob, so long as my cursor is hovering over it.

I’m a total noob when it comes to a deeper understanding of MIDI data, but from what I can gather after doing a small bit of research, is that I want to translate the input midi data from my faderport, and output mouse scroll wheel. I can clearly find the output data I want in the translator, and after accepting incoming data from faderport, I see all my midi messages when I check the capture midi box, but pan knob does nothing. So I’m able to capture fader, buttons, etc, but the pan knob doesn’t get captured.

What am I missing here? I found another thread where somebody captured all of the faderport data, and I see pan on the list. Should I simply try to copy/paste those exact midi messages?

Then, since what I’m outputting isn’t midi data, but mouse wheel, would I not need to use a virtual midi device?

Apologies for the noobishness, any direction would be greatly appreciated!




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May 30, 2017 1:59 am

Hi, and welcome!
Please hook up faderport input to bome, twist the pan knob and capture the input in a log file. I should be able to help from there but need to understand what midi(if any) faderport pan knob is sending.

Another idea is if you can show me where someone has done it before or documentation on the midi messages faderport supports? I looked on the Presonus web site but could not find that level of detail.



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Hi, Change translators 0-4 in preset “Work” from CC14 to CC16 (which your faderport uses). You can the disable the translator you set up for testing input value from faderport,

Then you will need to set the global variable gd to the x pixel position of you knob in the rules of translator called “Set Global Variables” under preset “Init”. In the same rules set the global variable ge to the pixel vertical position. You might need a separate program to determine the position of your knob on the screen or you could use the “capture” function of the outgoing MIDI in translator 0 under preset “Work”.



Note that the location of this knob will need to always be in the same place on your screen for it to work.

A better idea if you can do it is set up the knob for MIDI learn in Pro tools and then just set up a translator to pass through the value of your input knob to Pro tools. That way the knob location would not be important and you wouldn’t need translators to translate knob twist to mouse pointer click and drag.

Steve Caldwell
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March 17, 2019 5:03 am
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Hi Steve, I’m trying to modify your Encoder to Mouse project that you attatched. How and what should I modify exactly in order for it to work with my Faderport 2? I’m confused if I should add a translator in one of the existing presets, or add a new preset within the project. I’ll attatch my project with my captured Faderport 2.

Thank you Kindly!

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March 17, 2019 4:24 am
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The below example takes a continuous encoder value and converts it to mouse up and down messages. You might  be able to modify slightly to meet your need.


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July 28, 2017 1:20 am