Mapping Akai APCmini???


Hey Everyone,

I’m currently trying to map my new APCmini to work with Dot2 onPC. I have everything communicating properly, however, none of the LED’s are lighting up on the APC itself. Since I’m using this to run lighting, I really do need to see where the buttons are when I go to a blackout. Is there an “easy” way to fix this? I’m using BOME Midi Translator Pro.


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March 1, 2018 11:03 am
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Hi, you are setting qq to 0 (off)  in the second rule then turning it back to 5 (yellow) in the last rule.

So what you should be getting is either 2 (green blink) or 5 (yellow)

You didn’t show velocity for output, you need to set to qq. If not, it will just come on and stay on at whatever color is generated with velocity 127 (probably yellow but I don’t remember).


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March 1, 2018 6:38 pm

Awesome! Thank you! It’s working great now.

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My pleasure. Remember you will need a different global variable for every button. If you run out of global variables, we can figure a way to handle it by using a technique called “bit mapping”. If you want to know more, I spent quite a bit of time with another user demonstrating the technique. You can search on the board for “bitmapping’ or “bit mapping” to learn more. I think the title was something like “fun with bit mapping”

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Here is the example and it was with an APC MINI. Project file is included in the post.

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Thanks Steve!

I was able to get the LED’s to turn on, however, they are not turning off when I select the button again. What am I doing wrong?

I have it set as follows;

Incoming – Midi Message – Note On

-channel, any set to oo

-note, any set to pp

-velocity set to 127

routed from the APC mini


if ga==0 then qq=0
if ga==1 then qq=2
if ga==0 then qq=5

Outgoing – Midi Message – Note On

-channel set to oo

-note set to pp

Routed back into the APC Mini

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March 1, 2018 6:27 pm
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This picture also might be helpful. Shows note number and velocity values for different colors.


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March 1, 2018 5:26 pm
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If Dot2 does not echo back to the APC MINI the buttons you pushed, you will need to create a set of translators within MT Pro to do that for you.  Since the APC MINI buttons are all momentary, you may need to add translators with a toggle function. In other words, you push the button once, it sets a light on at a give color. You push it again, it turns off (or whatever logic you want to program in) .

A simple on off logic would be

// Look for button push

Incoming – Note on any channel  set channel to oo any note set note to pp and velocity 127 on MPC MINI

Rules (for toggle):

// Assume ga is  the global variable controlling this light

// The below rule toggles it from 1 to 0 or 0 to 1


if ga==0 then qq=0

// Here we set the velocity (note color)

if ga==1 then qq=3

if ga==0 then qq=0

Output note pp on channel oo to APC MINI


Usually I don’t call out the devices within the translator level but define at the preset level. I then organize my input and output by preset. That way if devices change, I just have to update at the preset level (saves a lot of time if you have a lot of translators).

I don’t remember the colors the APC MINI uses but if you search the forum on APC MINI, I think I posted a map of the buttons there and the colors that this unit uses for a given velocity.

Steve Caldwell

Bome Q&A Moderator and

Independent Bome Programming Consultant/Specialist


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March 1, 2018 2:11 pm

Hi Steve,
I’ve watched a couple of your videos and think you might be the one to talk to. I having trouble remapping an Akai apc 20 to use along side an apc40 both for midi controller in dmx software. Unfortunately I am not all that educated in midi but understand the basics. Is it possible I could inquire about some help with what I’m trying to do?

( at May 1, 2018 10:27 pm)

Hi JT,

Could you please open up a new thread with a bit more specifics on your request. I assume this is related to setting up Bome MIDI Translator Pro. If it is not related to Bome, send me a private email and if it is short, I should be able to help. If it is heavily involved, I can still help but will give you a quote for my paid services.

I don’t have an APC20 but have run into people on the forum here that do so I’ve learned a few things from the “School of hard knocks” 😉

( at May 2, 2018 3:31 am)