Launch controlling mouse scroll wheel


I’m having trouble connecting my Launch controller to my mouse wheel.   The only trouble I can see is that in the MIDI Router, Launch Control is in the left column; but the mouse is not in the right column.  I tried both -Bome Virtual Out  and Port 1.   The capture MIDI  turned out right.  Launch is CC#:21.  The variable is set to pp.  I tried both wheels/ vertical, horizontal.

What do you think ?

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October 30, 2017 7:54 am
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Hi, you will not have MIDI output to control your Mouse Wheel. What you do is define a global variable. Then you look at the incoming value and set the direction of the mouse wheel based on if it is greater or less than the global variable. Then you change the global variable to the current value for the next iteration.

I’ve attached a project file here.


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October 30, 2017 4:25 pm