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Hello, maybe this was replied, but i was searching for hours with no results.

I have a Behringer cmd 4a controller, and my problem is to map the jogwheels with bomes. I am using an old traktor dj studio 2.6 because don´t like newer versions and i mapped all controls except bend in jogwheels.

This jogs send cc messages more than 64 forward and less than 64 backward, with very high resolution (ticks per round) this messages was increasing or decreasing by speed. I can make fixed messages outputs even the value, etc… but this is not that i need. I try to explain clearly what i need:

I need a midi on message when i push forward the wheel, this message i need to be ON meanwhile the wheel is running, even value will be 64, 65… but this message can not be a stroke, only one message maintained, like if i am pushing a button, well, i can do this, but the difficult part of this is: I need a stop message when the wheel stop, but as the wheel does not send midi signal when stop, i do not know how to do this. I tried with timers, sending two messages when wheel start (one start and one timer 500ms stop) and this works, so so, but as the messages of the wheel are strokes i obtain strokes on output with stop messages in the middle, and finally the software goes crazy with this lot of strokes and stops all together.

This is to do this: Bend push with jogwheel, if i keep pushing the wheel traktor increases speed and is maintaining the bend button pushed until the wheel is stopped. But with all my tries i can make a push when wheel start but i can not maintain the button pressed meanwhile jog is running. In newer versions of traktor i do not need this, because i can map it in traktor directly, but in old version… i was djing with bcd2000 perfect, but with my newer controller i can not, when i suposed it was to be easier 🙁 i can do this with a normal button with hold option, only need to map it in the software, but with wheel i am going crazy, hope somebody can help.

Sorry about my english because is not my mother language, and sorry if this is not the place to post, is my first time in the forum, and thanks to all in advance.


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May 7, 2019 5:50 pm

Before I look at this, I need to make sure I understand the requirements correctly.

You want to single note-on message sent while you start rotating the encoder right. You want a note-off message when you stop turning the encoder.

What do you want to happen if you turn the knob to the left? Do you want a different note-on message with the same behavior as turning right?

How long after stopping do you want the note-off message(s) to be sent?

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The file bmtp for your info 🙂

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May 8, 2019 6:35 pm
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Try this.

There are 3 translators for right turn and 3 for left turn.

The first one sends note-on but only if note on was not yet set as determined by global variable ga. If ga=0 the note is sent and then ga is set to 1 so that it doesn’t get sent again.

The second translator has the same input trigger but triggers a 500 ms timer. As long as you keep turning right the timer keeps getting reset so the timer never triggers until you have stopped turning for more than 500ms.

The third translator sends a note-off and then sets ga back to 0.


For left turn, the same thing happens except a different note and we use the variable gb to determine if the note-on was sent.




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May 8, 2019 12:18 am

Ok, i will try and update. Thank you.

( at May 8, 2019 12:30 am)

Woooooo it works.
Well, your file didn´t work for me, i think due to versions of bomes, but i understood that you want to told me and did the same concept with my variables and more, and it works.
I have to say that timers i used are 10ms because higher values don´t work good, if you forward and rewind fast with higher times then all directions stopped and need to stop the wheel, wait until timer stop and then work again, but with 10ms works perfect. i try to upload my file for your info and you can see in jog sections in translator one how i did it following your instructions. The rest of the file, if somebody needs it, is for traktor DJ Studio 2.6 with Behringer CMD 4a. With jogs for bend, and scratch, with touch active, and many other functions, still is uncomplete but all main functions are working now.
Thank you very much, your simple solution was crazing me for hours, and now i am enjoying of my controller again with my favourite software.

( at May 8, 2019 6:35 pm)

Glad I could help!

Steve Caldwell
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( at May 8, 2019 7:43 pm)
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