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Hi. After search through the forum, I couldn’t any help on this so here I go.

I have a regular midi controller with no special HUI or Mackie capability, but it has a few faders that can send out CC messages. I would like to use these faders to control things like a track volume fader in Pro Tools 12. How do I go about it with BMT?? Pretty clueless right now.



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May 20, 2019 9:36 am
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Hi, the below is how HUI faders move:


Move z=fader zone 0-7 hh=MSB ll=LSB

Fader 1=zone .  Fader 8= zone 7

B0 0z hh 2z ll

Touch Fader
B0 0f 0z = Zone
B0 2f 42 = Port 2 On

Release Fader
B0 0f 0z = Zone
B0 2f 02 = Port 2 Off

I’ve attached an example here. There are 4 translators to control fader 0.

The first translator sets a one-shot timer that will be used to send a fader release message 500 ms after you start moving the fader. It only send this message if fader touch global variable is 0 (fader is not being touched) so that the timer will only fire once.

The second translator converts the incoming MIDI message to the outgoing move fader message. It only sends messages if ga=1 (fader touch has been set)

The third translator actually sends the fader touch message and sets ga to 1 (fader is being touched)

The forth translator triggers 500ms after you stop moving the fader and sets ga back to 0

The first 3 translators trigger on the same incoming CC MIDI message. For fader move the incoming value pp is used for both the MSB (most significant byte) and LSB (least significant byte) of the outgoing HUI MIDI message so you will not get the same precision that a normal HUI device would send.

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Each fader will need it’s own global variable and timer for release.


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May 20, 2019 2:54 pm