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Many thanks for an amazing product. I am fairly new to Bome Midi translator but I’m trying to learn Midi as fast as I can and I’m looking for support on making a Mackie d8b run more than the usual 8 channels using the MCU protocol (or not using it) in Imageline’s FL studio DAW. Cubase fully support the d8b (under MCU+extender+extender) but although its true in FL studio ,say, any fader can be moved on the d8b and been seen to duplicate on the DAW software, moving the DAW fader will never mover the motorized fader on the d8b. I was thinking of maybe duplicating cubase messages seen going out to the d8b with bome (as it appears due to poor coding from FL studio) after the 8 channnels  no signal is ever sent out of the unit. Am I way off base in thinking this can be resolved with Bome Midi translator? Like I said I am fairly new to this, learning fast.

Many thanks for your support.



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April 15, 2019 2:00 pm
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Steve, I do know that under the MCU midi template in FL studio the bank switch is recognized but only 8 tracks at a time. The D8B has 24 faders per bank, with, like you have said before , one bank ‘jogs’. I am hoping we can address this with the MT Pro, I already have an MCU unit in place with bank ‘flip’ that move 8 banks and single bank at a time that all work flawlessly with FL Studio. Pic attached



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April 16, 2019 12:13 am

So when you hook it up to FL studio. Do you configure your D8B as 3 MIDI devices and offset the banks by 8 on each of them so that to FL studio? MCU protocol only supports eight channels (plus master) so If not, I’m not sure how this would be possible otherwise.

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Yes, to get the unit to work with Cubase and Pro-tools, it has to set up as an MCU+extender+extender. FL studio does not support the extenders which is why I am hoping MT Pro can be used to fill in the missing signals. From a logistics point of view, as far as I can see, it’s a question of when flipping the banks the unit sends a signal interrogating the DAW as to the status of each channel strip (or maybe I am way off and somewhat naive about this) This is why I was going to set up Cubase, see what signals come out of the DAW that somehow need to be duplicated when FL studio is loaded. I am on the road at the moment and not in my studio and my newly acquired Mackie d8b is sitting, unopened, waiting on my return. In the case of my studio right now just flipping through banks moves 8 faders at a time under the MCU protocol, but I am hoping to replace the MCU with the d8b (24 tracks perr bank) I’m not sure I will be able to use the MCU protocol unless a translator is used per bank/channel button push. Martin
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Interesting. OK we can pick this up when you return.


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Hi Martin,

Thanks for the good words on the software. My hat is off to Florian Bomers who created it for us all! As for me, I am a mere mortal (user) of the software just like you and I feel in love with it shortly after discovering it.


Yes, using MT Pro to send message back to your d8B to move faders should be possible.  To do this, you will need to assign global variables in MT Pro to remember each fader position then each time you hit a bank-up, bank-down, track-up, or track-down button, use the captured fader positions to reposition the motorized faders on your d8B based in the current track configuration.

For instance, say ga-gh is tracks 1-8 and tracks gi-gp is tracks 9-16 and your controller is currently set at track 1-8. Of course you are tracking all incoming messages and keeping ga-gh updated. You press bank up on your controller and this signals MT Pro that you are now tracing gi-gp. You set a timer to update the faders to their new position and keep on going now tracking gi-gp.  You use a global variable to determine the starting track position and update that as well so you always know where you are. On a bank change it would move up or down 8 values or on a track change just 1 value.

Does this make sense?

If you need help, you can start working on the project yourself, and if you get stuck on a given point, I can assist here. If you would rather, I just build something for you and you take it from there, I’m available as an independent consultant/programmer. Just drop me an email and I can give you an estimate.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


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April 15, 2019 5:31 pm

Amazing Steve, thanks so much. I am going to try and get my head around it. I’m gonna play with MT Pro somewhat and the d8b unit but I fear I may need your consultant/Programmer skills to get me started. I’ll send you an email and we’ll chat about an estimate. I have to say there are hundreds of guys on the FL studio forum, tired of poor midi support with mixer extenders from FL studio DAW, that would happily buy the product in droves if we could get it to work. Again, thanks so much and for the prompt reply. I’ll be in touch.


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You are welcome, Martin! One word of caution is that if FL Studio does not send fader position changes, and you move the faders in FL Studio instead of with your controller, your fader positions could still get out of sync with the software. You would then have to move your controller fader to get the back in sync. Also, I’m not sure how FL Studio handles bank switches. Hopefully the passing the Bank Switch MIDI message to FL Studio will ensure the software knows where things are. We could also send fader updates on bank switch to FL studio if desired (not just back to your motorized faders).


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