Control Ableton library with a MIDI controller (Madeon live sets) ??

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Need your help today! Indeed, I have to make a DJ Set next week end, and i want to control my ableton live library’s songs with my midi controller (XoneK2) to load songs without use mouse or keyboard – I saw it was possible to make something like that cause Maiden did that in his sets.
I also saw Bome Midi Translator did that but I don’t know how to use that at all :/ I tried this week but I didn’t understand this application.

Hope you could help me
Thx 🙂

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September 16, 2017 7:58 pm
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Saw your mail but it was no more descriptive than here.  The attached file is used to use MIDI controls to open pre-determined files using Ableton HotKeys and text.


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September 17, 2017 7:04 pm
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Well, if you want to use it to launch and stop clips that are already loaded, that is pretty easy and you may not even need Bome MT Pro.  You could go to the following link and download the two files there and put into your Ableton Remote Script folder on you computer. Then after opening Ableton Live, select XoneK2 as your device

If you want to do manual mapping you could use Ableton Live mapping feature.

Now if you want to do anything that is not controlled with MIDI (which I expect you might), then you would need MT Pro to map incoming MIDI messages to either key strokes or mouse movements.

There are some tutorials that I posted on how to do this but nothing with your particular controller.

Here are a few links:

Controlling a Mouse Wheel

Use a MIDI controller as a Mouse

MIDI to Keystroke Emulation

Set up Bome MIDI Translator Pro as a MIDI filter for Ableton Live or other DAW


In my experience, direct MIDI to MIDI translation is the most reliable, followed by keystroke emulation. Mouse emulation works also but in order to move to the right point on a screen unless you are moving the mouse with a controller (IE have pre-determined coordinates), it can be a bit problematic, if you don’t have your session opened up in the exact spot that you previously programmed it.

Before you look at the tutorials above (if you are very new to MT Pro) then you should check out the following ones first:

Introduction to the Bome MIDI Translator Pro user interface

Bome MIDI Translator Pro – Project Creation


Once you have looked through these, if you have a specific question on a given specific function and you are struggling with what you learned in the tutorials, come on back here.

If you want someone to actually create a project for you, I can also help (for a fee). I would need to know detailed requirements. Send me email

Steve Caldwell

Bome Q&A Moderator

Independent Bome Programming Specialist


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September 16, 2017 9:37 pm

If this doesn’t help, perhaps the best thing to do is to record a video on how you would normally do it within Ableton Live (with keyboard and/or mouse) and then what buttons/knobs on your Xone2 you want to use for each action.

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