Bone box convert pc to note?


I want to use a guitar multi effects midi pedal to send midi notes to a lighting console.

Can the bone box convert program changes to midi notes?

sorry if it’s a noob question but been searching high and low for answers without any joy….


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April 10, 2019 1:25 pm
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Yes, indeed this is possible however in addition to BomeBox you will need to purchase Bome MIDI Translator Pro.  Bome MIDI Translator Pro allows you to create custom “Translator” to convert any MIDI message to any other MIDI message and runs on PC and Mac.  The process is to develop the translators on a PC and Mac and once you have it working to upload the project file to BomeBox for execution there where a computer will then no longer be necessary.

For MT Pro, here is a tutorial showing converting  a CC to Note. It is similar to what you would do for PC to note.


Once you get the project running you upload it to BomeBox. Here is a tutorial that show how to do this. If you look at 3:17 it shows the upload/transfer of a project file to the BomeBox.

Actually this may be a better example as it also show building the mapping.

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April 10, 2019 4:10 pm

Did you get this taken care of OK? Is so please mark as resolved. If not, let me know where you are?

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