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Hi, I’ve just received BomeBox and Dlink DUB-H7 powered USB hub. I understood that I could power BomeBox with the hub itself and it works but if I connect the hub and the box on the data side too, the box is not powered. I tried all the seven ports with nothing else connected

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December 15, 2017 7:11 pm
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I have mine connected in the same way as in picture. The hub alone can power a Zoom guitar multieffect and the Box itself without problems. But when I connect the Box USB host to the hub, this one stops powering the Box and the multieffect. Also, without the multieffect connected the Box gets powered down. If I power the Box with an external USB power supply everything works but I choose your hub just not to have too much power supplies.

The hub works ok with an external 2.5 hard disk connected to a computer

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December 15, 2017 8:52 pm

Are you powering the BomeBox with one of the 5 ports on the left as shown in the picture I just sent?

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The ports on the right labeled as fast charging ports cannot be used to provide power to the BomeBox.



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December 15, 2017 8:50 pm

I see that the version of the hub you sent me is slightly different in port layout. It looks like every port has fast charging function. The symbol with the lighting covers all the ports. It could be a different hardware revision (mine is H/W ver. D1)

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Maybe D-Link changed their design. You will not be able to use a fast charging port to power the BomeBox.

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If the green light is on, then it looks like the D-Link is in fast charging mode. I can’t find in the manual how to take it out of fast charging mode, just how to put it in. Blue light on, means it is not in fast charge mode. I’m pretty sure it will never come on if you have a BomeBox as the host since it also relies on power from the hub. (Catch 22)
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there is only one light and don’t change from green. In the printed manual it states that it enters Standard mode (vs Fast Charge mode) when the cable is connected to a computer

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Yes, but in this case the host is BomeBox which doesn’t provide power (unless it is powered otherwise). So it would never change from green. Your only option with this hub would be to power via a usb power supply or Power over Ethernet adapter. Maybe you could contact D-Link or the seller to have it exchanged for a compatible hub?
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ehm… the seller is Bome Software. I bought it from you because advised as fully compatible
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OK, I will alert Florian Bomers of the problem. Maybe he didn’t realized they changed the design.

Steve Caldwell

( at December 16, 2017 6:37 pm)

Oh no! indeed, they seem to have changed the hub design without our knowledge. I have always wondered why they have this strange logic on the fast charge ports… and now they even made it worse.
Anyway, we can take back the hub and reimburse you, or compensate you somehow for the loss of promised functionality. Please contact us directly:
My apologies!
Best regards,

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Indeed you can power the BomeBox with the DLink as shown in the picture on the below page:

(Picture is on second row, on the right)

I have mine powered this way. The only port that doesn’t provide consistent power is port 7 (the one on the right as you face the output ports).  I have mine in port 4.  You will have to run the cable from the USB port around to the Micro USB port on the BomeBox as shown in the picture. Also, of course, you must be providing power to the USB hub as well.

Port 7 on the D-Link is for rapid charging so does not provide “consistent” power. The power will vary based on the draw from that port (assuming you are charging a device).  You can still use that port, however as a MIDI port, however. To test if you BomeBox is working if you have a usb power adapter with a micro usb, you should be able to test it that way and see if the lights come on.

To test if it is your D-Link try and see if it powers any other device that can be powered via USB.


Let me know if you still have problems.


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December 15, 2017 8:17 pm