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Hi every body,

Sorry, i’m a total beginner. I’m trying to build a cool mapping for my Launchpad from Novation for editing on Premiere Pro with midi translator. I get how to attribute keys or action from a key, but for now, no button are backlighted. I don’t want (for now) to make like a color changement when I hit a button, juste having a color to recognize my mapping.

I’ve read so much texte, or watch video, i can’t get the logic of how to put color on button. I have to init it first ?

For exemple, i would like to put like blue color to “play” (space shortcut), then red to the cut button, etc..

Thanks for your help,


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March 3, 2018 6:37 pm
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Hi Steeve,

Sorry for the late answer ! Yes ! it was so usefull ! I tried to use your example and explication to make my own premiere pro mapping (with color). You can find my file (and some screen shot). I have to improve that all, add more button et try to make some color changement, but it work already.

I will send you my improvment very soon ! I have to see what Peter and you share and see what i can do with !

thanks sooo much!


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March 7, 2018 8:15 pm

Glad to hear everything is working out. Could you please mark as resolved. Of course I’m still here if you need additional help.

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Peter, (and others).

Here is a corrected version of my last project file.

I had set it to 64 buttons but then remembered that the launchpad had a row of round buttons on the right. Also the lowest button is 11 (0a) not 0.



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March 4, 2018 7:07 pm
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You should be able to do this with two translators.

First translator capture incoming MIDI note and velocity and the starts a timer.


The timer iterates  through all of the notes and turns on only the note you pressed and then turns off all other notes.

In my case I have a Launchpat MK2 with 64 buttons.

I capture the note pressed and assign it to ga.  I use gb as a counter for iteration.

When the note is pressed it sets ga to the note number.  The timer compares the current iteration to the current note number. If it is the note pressed, it turns on the line (sends note with velocity of the color I want). If it is note the note pressed, it turns off the light with note number and velocity of 0.

I’ve attached an example below.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.



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March 4, 2018 6:54 pm
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I wanted to do something similar just to get a flavour of how to use midi translator with my bome boxes.


I have my push 2 and have amended the code in this thread to just 8 translators that toggle the lights for the bottom row starting at c2 and going across.

This wortks I can put the row lights on and off and set the color using pp variable.

I was trying to get it so that as i pushed the next note the previous light would go out irrespective of its position. I thought at first I would need another variable, to store the current value note but got stuck quite quickly.

Some guidance would be appreciated.

in psuedo cody speak


if pad pressed light up pressed pad


if released turn off light.

I have watched some of the videos of course and couldnt find exactly what I needed, this thread was closest hence I posted here rather than start new thread.



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March 4, 2018 6:05 pm
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Yes, if you wan the button blue when you start your project. Incoming action would be project open with outgoing action to be note on note 11 value 79.

If you want both lights to come on at project start, incoming action project opened outgoing action a one shot timer named something like “initialize lights”.

Then you would have two translators both with incoming action of timer “ititialize lights”, but each having a different outgoing action. One to turn on the blue light of one button and the other to turn on the red light of the other button.

If you want the buttons to always be on an active, you would remove the toggle rules from the existing translators and the rule from the current output translators to exit rules skip outgoing action if ga (or gb) = 0.


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March 4, 2018 4:00 pm

Hi Frederick,

Did this help?

( at March 7, 2018 3:41 pm)
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Ho Steeve, thanks very much for that help ! That’s very usefull !

I begin to understand how it’s working. But, can my play button (keystrop “space”) could be already blue when i plug my launchpad ?  I would like that all my button got already a color when i plug to reconize them a the begining.

I change you script in order that off is blue, on is red, but i need to use it a first time to enable the color.

Thanks very much !

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March 4, 2018 1:08 pm
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Hi Frederick and welcome.

First, you didn’t indicate which Launchpad type you have. The buttons and colors are different depending on the type

LaunchPad S and Launchpad MINI

LaunchPad Original

LaunchPad MK2

The button assignment and color mapping are shown in the respective manuals on the Novation web site. The Lauchpad MINI doesn’t have a manual but has the same command and colors as the Launchpad-S.

I assume you have a Lauchpad Mk2 or Pro since you said you wanted a blue button and the original Launchpad, Launchpad-S, and Launchpad MINI cannot create blue.

I’ve included an example project file for you.

There are two presets. One handles button lighting LED feedback back to the Launchpad. The other handles the keystrokes going to Premier Pro (or whatever application you have in focus).

The way I’ve set up the LED’s is toggle.  On first keypress the light goes on and press same button again and light goes off. I have set two buttons. The first with light color blue and the second with color red.

I have two global variables indicating the state of each light. 1 = light on 2=light off.

I have rules to toggle the values on each key press.

For the Adobe output, I’ve set it to only send keystroke if pressing turns the light on.  I’m not sure that is what you are looking for but should give you the idea.

Please open the project file and try it. You can look at the rules to see how I’ve handled toggle functions:

Example for blue light

//Toggle ga 1=on 2=off
// Turn on blue light
if ga==1 then pp=79
// Turn off light
if ga==0 then pp=0

Output rules to only send keystroke if light is on

if ga==0 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action


Also you can use Capture MIDI for incoming rules if you don’t know what a given button outputs. You can then simply click the preferred input to capture it in the translator.

Let me know if this helps set you on the right path and if you need further assistance.




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March 3, 2018 7:38 pm

Also, as a beginner, I highly recommend you view our tutorials.


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