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Dear Bome community,

I am completely new to programming a MIDI controller with Bome Midi Translator Pro.
My goal is to set the dial-knobs of the Behringer X-Touch Mini to increase or decrease certain Lumetri effects in Premiere Pro CC 2018.
I was able to program very basic shortcuts to the buttons of the X-Touch Mini but now it’s getting fairly complicated.

Has anyone else experiences with setting up the Behringer MIDI controller to change Lumetri Settings in Premiere Pro? Is it even possible due to the technology of the X-Touch?

I also wanted to enable the single fader on the X-Touch to manipulate the Master Volume inside Premiere Pro. Unfortunately even with the fader bome-tutorial on Youtube for this topic I wasn’t able to enable it.
There wasn’t any clue about the ouput setting inside Bome Midi Translator for the fader-function, or maybe I didn’t understand it.
I attached my Premiere and Bome-Settings for Mackie Control. Maybe there’s already a mistake.

Another this is, how am I able to assign two functions to one button press?

I would be greatful for help.

Thanks in advance.


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April 11, 2018<27ppm4> 6:41 pm
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Here you have the screenshots:

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April 11, 2018<38ppm4> 6:49 pm
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As far as I know, the lumetri adjustments do not support MIDI input. With that said, if there is a keyboard shortcut available for the adjustment you wish, you can convert a MIDI signal to a keyboard shortcut and use that.

It is also possible to use mouse movement and click to move the sliders, however the caveat is that the you must know the current position of the slider to move the mouse to that location and drag it, so I’ve never had much success with that methodology.  As far as I know the only MIDI capability that Premier Pro offers is that of volume, pan, record, mute. Basically the audio capabilities of the software.  You might want to check with Adobe if they have plans to add MIDI control to any other functions or if there is some currently “undocumented” MIDI functions available.

Steve Caldwell

Bome Q&A Moderator and

Independent Bome programming consultant/specialist


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