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2007 Update Patch 2 PL

This patch is intended for users of Restorator 2007 PL, Komputer Swiat Ekspert edition. It will upgrade the polish version of Restorator 2007 to version Update 2.

Download Restorator PL Update 2 Patch:


  1. Make sure that the full version of Restorator 2007 PL is installed.
  2. Then run the patch program as downloaded above.
    The patch program will modify the installed Restorator 2007 to Update 2.
  3. You can verify that the patch was successful by running Restorator and check in the Help|About screen that the build version is now 1747.

If you get an error message when running the patch program, please reinstall Restorator first from the original Komputer Swiat Ekspert version.
If all that fails, please contact Bome Software.