2008-12-15 Bome Engine in DJ Products

Munich, Germany, December 18th, 2008.

Bome Software announces several third-party OEM software packages featuring their highly acclaimed MIDI processing engine found in the Bome’s Midi Translator product suite (www.bome.com/midi/translator). The engine adds MIDI intelligence and unprecedented flexibility to MIDI hardware connected to a computer by way of loadable preset files. In addition to the standard presets delivered with the respective OEM products, users can create their own mappings and functions using the editor found in the Bome’s Midi Translator software.

DJ TechTools (www.djtechtools.com), the well known Digital DJ portal, recently announced its mini.Translator product. Tired with the shortcomings of standard DJ controllers, DJ TechTools editor Ean Golden invented algorithms that enhance experience and capabilities of controllers such as the Vestax VCI-300. "Just run mini.Translator and you will be rocking a whole new set of controls!" says Ean Golden, who is also a professional DJ. Final release is due soon, and more magic mini.Translator presets are planned, too!

"Computers have opened the door of creative opportunity for the artist, and we want to continue to create the right gear to facilitate artistic expression through music." says Jim Mazur, Product Development Director at Stanton Magnetics. For their highly anticipated SC System (www.enterthesystem.com), Stanton chose Bome’s MIDI processing engine to make that happen. Under the brand name DaRouter, users get Bome’s MIDI engine in a small yet powerful control panel, where they can choose the right preset to adapt the SC System controllers to become a perfect match for their favorite DJ application. Jim explains: "With DaRouter, we reach a level of interactivity and configurability previously unthinkable for a hardware product. After approaching Bome Software to discuss a way of working together, it quickly became apparent that there was a lot of synergy between the two companies. Through DaRouter and presets we have found that we can solve the needs that working DJ’s are having with their hardware interacting with software and we can continue to evolve the functionality of our scontrollers."

About Bome Software:

Bome Software is a small team of professional software developers dedicated to creating powerful MIDI applications. The company, which was founded in 1996 by Florian Bömers, is known for its reliable and versatile music software products on Windows and, since recently, OS X. Furthermore, a wide range of companies relies on Bome’s specialized consulting services, and employs licensed technology such as the highly acclaimed MIDI processing engine found in the Midi Translator product suite.
For more information, visit their web site www.bome.com.